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Parsons Green and Other (linked) Tales

Parsons Green and Other (linked) Tales

Some musings on recent events - strange aspects that have "piqued" my interest.
I've incorporated a huge "related" stream that I was working on before this event. 
Most of this ties-in to my writing on 'Twin Peaks', but there are many other aspects too.
(Note, I still have 10 or so episodes of 'Twin Peaks: The Return' that I've yet to see!)

Terror, London, UK. (Sept 15, 2017)

OTO Thelemites - Parsons and Crowley. Kabbalists and "tree of life/sephiroth" adherents.

Mind The  Gap  Abyss
The London Tube Map rendered as the sephirothic tree.


It's Parsons (Green) and Crowley ... here comes Mr. CROWLEY (Peter)
Mr Crowley described seeing a "fireball" in the carriage followed by "pan-demon-ium" (Pan and Demon, Aleister Crowley wrote Hymn to Pan, which Parsons often recited). But he counted himself as lucky to have survived, adding: "I'm shaken up now I've heard it was actually a planned explosion."

Of course, Jack "OTO" Parsons was killed in a chemical explosion after allegedly dropping a can onto the floor!
Just before a planned trip to Mexico in 1952, Parsons received a large order of explosives for a movie. While preparing the order, there was an explosion involving mercury in which Parsons suffered fatal wounds. Mercury (coincidentally or not) being the Roman incarnation of Hermes / Thoth. It's been alleged that just before his death he uttered the words, "I'm not finished" - which would have been appropriate for a man who labelled himself "AntiChrist". "It is finished '- being Christ's final words on the cross - before giving up his spirit.

Parsons, explosive mixes, and tubes (pipes) - is it Bucket Man or Rocket Man?
The Triple Team - Parsons, Hubbard and Crowley! (thanks to anon, see comments).

Mark Rowley or Mar kRowley? :)

We have Parsons and Crowley(s) - we need "The Scarlet Woman" aka "The Whore of Babylon/Babalon"
The "Redhead" a la Marjorie "Scarlet Woman" Cameron - consort of Jack Parsons.
This unidentified (redhead resonant) victim was shown extensively and repetitively by the MSM.
The other main "paraded" victim being Mr. "burned hair" Crowley (shown previously).

The "Whore" who rides the "Beast" (Revelation).
OTO Parsons and his "Scarlet Woman" - redhead , Marjorie "Babalon Working" Cameron.
She was the 'elemental' that Parsons summoned for his "Bablon Working" (moonchild) ritual (1946).
Art imitates life. Kenneth "OTO/Crowley" Anger's 1954 film. Cameron as "The Scarlet Woman".
All very 'sex magic' resonant (pleasure dome, glans etc). Renate Druks (see above) claimed that Parsons was actually fatally injured in carrying out his 'moonchild/homunculus' experiments. An account that is clearly at odds with the official orthodoxy.

Imagery evoking (fiery redhead) Cameron is shown in these examples.
Cameron was Parsons' "sex magic" partner/high priestess (see Babalon Working).
Jack "Anti-Christ" Parsons and Aleister "The 666 Beast" Crowley. L Ron Hubbard, see lower right.
Redhead Cameron as the "Mother of Abominations" aka the "Whore who rides the Beast". (Revelations).

Mother of SATAN, Redhead Woman and Parsons (Green)
'Mother of Satan' (explosive) was also linked to London Terror 7/7. Babalon aka 'Mother of Abominations'.
77 is a number of Babalon (7 * 7 = 49). AntiChrist Parsons' "Book of Babalon" was Book 49.
The OTO mission statement "Liber OZ" is Book 77 - "Do what thou wilt ... etc".

July 7th (7/7) 2005 - also a potential " 777 " encode (2 + 5 = 7). "777" aka the lightning flash of creation (the tree of life).

The Veil of the Abyss (Mind The Gap) and the "777" electric lightning that travels/zigzags the tree.
The "777" electric tube train, as seen in the opening of (split realities based) "Sliding Doors" (film, 1998).
Sept (September) from the Latin 'Septem' (Seven). Kabbalistic 'Sliding 777 Doors' Paltrow featured in Se7en (1995).
Veil of the Abyss (see above) - like the "Veil of Isis" (Goddess)
The "Isis" overlaps.

"Crowley was a product of the cultist circle that developed in Britain from the 1860s under the guiding influence of Lord Palmerston during the Second Opium War In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and Several of Bulwer-Lytton proteges formed the Isis -Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn. This Isis Cult was organized around the 18 77 manuscript Isis Unveiled  (Veil of Isis!) by Madame Helena Blavatsky, in which the Russian occultist called for the British aristocracy to organize itself into Isis priesthood. "
The Aquarian Conspiracy by Executive Intelligence Review -  Lyndon LaRouche

Bulwer-Lytton coined the term "dweller on the threshold" (via Zanoni) - a term that featured in Twin Peaks.
The "777" pattern also makes an appearance (via Cooper) and one linked to the lightning lodges.

Parson's Agape Lodge was affiliated with many Hollywood writers and actors, including John Carradine, father of David "OTO" Carradine, drugged out star of 'Kung Fu' and the cinematic blood-geyser 'Kill Bill'. The elder Carradine read one of Crowley's poems at the inauguration of Agape Lodge No.2 in 1935.

4th Wall ...
Some of Twin Peaks Lynch's contemporaries and associates (Dennis Hopper / Dean Stockwell) actually knew and worked with Marjorie "Jack Parsons" Cameron. Hopper also had connections to (Cameron linked) Kenneth "OTO" Anger.

Dennis "Blue Velvet" Hopper acted with Parsons 'Scarlett Women' Marjorie Cameron (Night Tide, 1961), she also knows (Dean "Dune / Blue Velvet" Dean "Stockwell. It was Stockwell that met her first after attending a public recital of her poetry.

References in recent popular culture:
'Twin Peaks: The Return' just finished its run and some of the 'Parsons/Crowley' mythos is now tied to the show.

Twin Peaks - The Secret History (book, 2016). A dossier found at a crime scene in 2016. The "archivist" who compiled 'the secret history' dossier was Major Briggs, though it started with (predecessor) Col. Douglas Milford.
Jack Parsons was also a previous wearer of the Owl Cave Ring
Babalon buddies "Parsons and Crowley" are both recently referenced in Twin Peaks: The Secet History.
Parsons and Green
They (Crowley/Parsons) were both linked to the Owl Cave GREEN Ring, as was David "Jeffries" Bowie.
The  "GREEN"  is also a link to 'hermeticism' -  Hermes / Emerald Tablet  etc, the table(t) is the basis of all hermetic magic.
Parsons Green (tube station) is on the "green" District Line . "Jeffries" (name)  literally means "district/traveler".
1947 "Starman/Space Oddity/Man Who Fell To Earth/Ziggy from Mars" Bowie.
There are also UFO/abduction overlaps involved (Twin Peaks).
I've previously remarked in my Twin Peaks post (from 2012), of the similarity of Crowley's channelled "Lam" depiction (angel/demon /inter-dimensional entity) to that of the classic "alien gray". (see Amalantrah Working).

A noted disciple of Crowley's, Jack Parsons - carried on this tradition of inter-dimensional contact (1946) with the aid of 'scryer' Brother H (Scientology Hubbard). They made contact with Crowley's Lam.
"A Gateway for the Great Old Ones ..." (which is all very HP Lovecraftian).
The first UFO sighting was by Kenneth Arnold (Mt Rainer, WA June 1947). In 1989, conspiracy researcher John Judge claimed in a radio interview that Kenneth 'UFO' Arnold and Jack Parsons were flying partners. I can not, however, verify this any further.

'The Secret History' is crammed with references about "alien greys" - Dougie Milford, Nixon, Parsons, Gleason etc.
I currently have a 'work in progress' post covering more of this subject area, but it is an absolute monster of a piece. Not sure when I'll be finished with that yet!
Update - you're reading it now, I've added most of it in to the body of this post! It really is a monster! :)

Twin Peaks - UFO / Bluebook "Major Tom Briggs" and Jupiter / Saturn. Briggs was "abducted" too!

Talking of RINGS and Planets (Saturn/Jupiter) ... It's The Planetary "Lord of the Rings".
"When Tube-iter and Saturn Meet ..."
Parsons Green (London, UK) took place alongside the "Cassini Saturn" (Satan) probe which was plunged to its death in the Saturnian atmosphere. The mission spanning nearly 20 years and officially ending 15th Sept. Saturn, Cronus - time (chronology) and "death". There was a heavy "timer" element in respect of the train bomb device, a device that ultimately produced a "fireball".

In Egyptian mythology Isis (the goddess) is considered Saturn's eldest daughter:
"I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury . No one can destroy the laws which I have established.
I am the eldest daughter of Saturn , the most ancient of the Gods ".
Isis/Saturn - "the veil" (red drapes / curtains , see Twin Peaks).

Saturn in the Red Room - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
The "Scarlet Woman" (red room) of Twin Peaks - the literal "whore" and via Bob aka "the beast".
Aspects from Revelation are used in FWWM - when Laura visits the Briggs home on the night of her death.
Major Briggs is reading from biblical Revelation when she enters the home (see Missing Pieces).

The following day (16th Sept) saw Twin Peaks' "Carl Rodd" - aka Harry Dean " Alien " Stanton die.
Stanton began acting through the Pasadena Playhouse. Pasadena, our location for all things Parsons related.

Alien and UFOs
Carl "I've gone places" Rodd, was one of the characters that got UFO abducted (as a child) in 1947 .
His Twin Peaks debut was "Fire Walk With Me", Stanton also featured in Lynch's "Wild At (Aliens) Heart" (see gifs, later in post body), he pops-up after the Sailor and Lula "Jingle Dell/Aliens" scene with Crispin "BTTF" Glover.
"Alien Autopsy" - Harvey (Harry Dean Stanton) takes Ray (Dec) to Miami, Florida to see a movie from 1947 showing a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Harvey sells the film to Ray for $ 30,000 (see pic).

Stanton starred in "Repo Man" (1984).
Car in the opening titles is actually driving from Los "Manhattan Project" Alamos, NM. (via US Hgwy 666) to California.
 Plenty of  radioactive green. A film about  radioactive aliens  and UFO / flying (lightning-struck) automobiles.
"There's something very familiar about all of this."
Back to the Future II - a flying, radioactive, lightning-struck, UFO Delorean and "future predicting" (Alien) GRAYS/GREYS!

Almanac from "Blast From The Past" - Trinity "plutonium" Blast. McFlying with Grays/Greys.

"Back to the Future" via an Atomic Plutonium Blast From the Past (like "Trinity") and a Plutonium Delorean.

"Christ" (the Trinity) and also a "777" resonator.

The Flux "Tree of Life/777 Lightning Flash" Capacitor via Pluto(nium) and the Moon

The flux / lux (light) capacitor is an electrical system - a concept which I've previously linked to the (electric) "777 lightning flash of creation" (tree of life). The "flux capacitor" symbolically representing the bottom 4 spheres of the tree of life. Neptune (the struck crown) features at the Enchantment Under the Sea. The "lightning flash/bolt" is a huge aspect of BTTF, just as it is in the respect of the tree of life. I've previously linked the same concepts to Twin Peaks too - the lightning lodges, 777, (sycamore) tree of life, kabbalah, Briggs/Choronzon, David "Kether to Malkuth/777" Bowie etc. Pluto on the tree of life (planets) occupies the 11th veiled sphere - da'ath. Da'ath is also linked to "the abyss" (Choronzon) and "Sirius". Sirius the "Dogstar" - which is the star heavily associated with the Freemasons etc. "The Truman Show" (reality as a staged set) combined "Sirius with Pluto" in an early scene - "the dog and the sirius spotlight". This would not be so interesting, save the fact that Truman's reality is ultimately controlled from a base on the Moon!

"Sex and Rockets" (Parsons) author, Carter, also suggests it might have been the atomic bomb that opened this door between dimensions. He then further illustrates the importance of the year 1947, which ended the first stage of the Babalon Working, as Parsons and Hubbard parted ways amid a cloud of turmoil. 1947 was the year that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. In that very same year, Israel became a nation state, the transistor was invented and the sound barrier broken. Last, but certainly not least, the Modern Age of UFO's flew into view with Kenneth Arnold's sightings, followed by alleged saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Ros-well, ros (meaning red, a link to the ros-e?). 1947 was also the year the Great Beast, Aleister Crowley, died. 1947 also saw the birth of David 'Philip Jeffries' Bowie. Crowley, Parsons and Bowie are all linked to the "ring".

Robert (Bob) Oppenheimer (Manhattan Project) was the father of the atomic bomb.
This was under the tenure of President Harry S Truman (aka Twin Peaks' former sheriff).
Another "Parsons" was key to the bomb - "William Sterling (Enola Gay) Parsons" , he oversaw the 'Little Boy' drop etc.

An "Oppenheimer" name was also directly linked to the "Parsons Green" bomb!
That's Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard, (plus a scarlet woman) and now Oppenheimer covered via Parsons Green . :)
Andy Oppenheimer - a UK-based expert and consultant in counter-terrorism and CBRNE.
(chemical, biological, radiological , nuclear weapons and explosives).
His "wiki" page, of course, just had to mention J. Robert Oppenheimer .

Twin Peaks: The Return featured the Trinity Atomic Blast.
A gray/grey looking entity (the experiment) was also spotted in the New York "glass box".

The entity was supposed to stop/kill the lodge released Cooper, when he floated into the NY box.
Cooper is ultimately freed from the glass box before the "entity" can attack.

Dougie Milford, Nixon, and Jackie "Honeymooners/BTTF" Gleason, would see the 'alien gray in the box'.
Note the "honeymooners" article (bride/groom) juxtaposed to Honeymooner Gleason's main story.
The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Nixon's met by Milford (pages 288-294) is certainly meant to be Jackie Gleason (1916-1987), as speculated by Agent TP (footnote # 20 on page 295).
The date in Milford's journal, February 19, 1973, corresponds to an account allegedly given by Gleason to airman Larry Warren (in 1986) about Nixon showing him alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base as related by Milford here.
Honeymooning x2, redheads x2, aliens men / greys from space x2. Lana is the redheaded "witch woman".
UFO's, Aliens, Men from Space (literally), Pluto / Plutonium (nuclear) and Gleason & amp; Honeymooners!
The BTTF film cites 5 Nov 1955, as the air date - it actually aired in our reality on 31 Dec 1955.
Zemeckis, who made "alien contact" resonant Contact (1997), the film which had "TV" as the "carrier signal" for alien contact.

Gleason  had long been a fan of UFOs. He was a subscriber to the newsletter of the group Just Cause (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy). Gleason had a collection of 1700 books on parapsychology, UFOs, and the unknown. These were donated to the University of Miami by his third wife when he passed away in 1987. Gleason had even built a house in Peekskill, NY which he called "The Mother ship." Gleason had architects build everything round like a flying saucer.
Most of his furniture was round, and the garage, called the "Scout Ship" was also round, like a flying saucer.
Pluto - the main planet and thematic that is shot-through in Back to the 'Gleason' Future (pluto / plutonium / nuclear etc).
Invaders from Pluto - Tales from Space at the Peabody UFO/Delorean crash site.
The weapons grade plutonium is used to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts that is required to make the electrical flux capacitor and time circuitry function.

16th July x2 - The Trinity Shot and The Moon Shot
The 2001 theme (Strauss) was used by the BBC and by CTV in Canada as the introductory theme music for their television coverage of the (von Braun) Apollo space missions.

GREY (flying/owl) "nuclear" Bob was heavily linked to "The Moon" in TP: The Return - Eps8.

16th July ('69) for the "Moon shot" and 16th July ('45) for the "Trinity shot". The segment shown prior to the Trinity blast. NIN 'She's Gone Away' - "You dig in places till your fingers bleed/Spread the infection, where you spill your seed". Moon/moon child resonance? Lynch set the shooting of Evil Coop and the body/ritual hand laying "woodsman" to a slowed-down rendition of (German) Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata! The woodsmen seem to rebirth Evil Coop. Ray, who always originally intended to hit Evil Coop (at the behest of Philip 'Buenos Aires/Judy monkey' Jeffries), calls Philip in a panic after witnessing the scene. Ray Monroe (moon rays) says that he saw something in Evil Coop (Bob's head) which might be the "key" to it all (moons, keys, and monkeys). Cooper was still trying to obtain the "co-ordinates" for a location from Ray - likely an etheric one - "the zone" (see Hastings).
Evil Coop used "the cow jumped over the moon" phrase ("Hey Diddle Diddle") in his Yankton "one phone call".
The rhyme is popularly associated with Mother Goose (egg laying).

The "Hey Diddle Diddle" illustration appeared as a backdrop when Dennis Hopper was offered a cup of coffee by Luana Anders at a merry-go-round in the 1961 movie Night Tide. The film with Marjorie "Babalon/Mother of Abominations" Cameron (mentioned just earlier!). The moon also classically being associated with the "menstrual cycle" (ovum) and of course - "tides".
Night Tide has distinct "moon" resonance and "full moons" linked to killing - a "water tanked female" too (see left).
Evil Coop even dresses like Frank "Blue Velvet" Booth (Night Tide's Hopper).
Evil Coop's "trump card" - the ace of spades (and the experiment/mother?) that he shows Darya?
There was a Darya (Gol) in the Jimmy Neutron TV series - a show involving labs/experiments.

"Oh, my brothers, did you viddy that - it was Ludwig "Moonlight" Van!" (Kubrick's "A Clockwork Nazi/Beethoven Orange"). The film that followed (monkey/moon resonant "2001"). Kubrick was linked to top "German/Nazi" filmmakers (Harlan) via his 3rd marriage. Some aspects of the "internal atomic cloud trip" (eps8) did remind me of aspects of the "2001 star-gate sequence" which led Bowman to the "renaissance (rebirth) hotel".
It's the segment before the "Trinity blast" where we see Cooper alive, and then shot dead. Just after "NIN" (track), we then see the formerly and seemingly dead Evil Coop's rebirth/resurrection (a Trinity). Then comes then blast.

A 2017 death to rebirth - followed by the 1945 birthing of Bob via the Trinity atomic bomb/experiment.

Kubrick's "2001" - an "advanced alien ''radio-emitting artefact" buried on the moon, film ended with a moon child.
Dr. "Atomic" Strangelove.

Doc Brown/Braun Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Plutonium) Bomb.

BTTF opens with a Stanley "nuclear" Kubrick linked CRM114 amplifier/guitar scene.
CRM114 being Kubrick's cinematic motif - first used in his "nuclear bomb  and Nazi resonant" Dr. Strangelove.
Little "Atomic Kid" Boy, Marty. In a "plutonium/nuclear "resonant room and hooking up to the CRM114 amplifier.
Doc 'Atomic' Stranglove/Doc 'Atomic' Brown - (bomb/radio linked) CRM114 to the nuclear "blast wave".
CRM114 "atomic guitar pickin'" (BTTF) - to CRM114 "atomic Slim Pickens" (Doc Strangelove).

Doc Strangelove is a representation of Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun (Nasa/Apollo).
BTTF's Doc 'scientist' Brown is descended from Germans, technically making him a "von Braun" (meaning Brown), this seems to be a deliberate nod. A 'stylised' CRM114 is used in Eyes Wide Shut.
I am become death (Animal Mother, FMJ). "I am become death" (BOB "Trinity Test" Oppenheimer).
Animal (the beast), Mother (of Abominations) - It's Animal Mother who we see go with the "Whore" (Babylon).
Death and Pool / 8Ball (he gets wasted). See "2001: ASO" for "death and Pool (e) Below, EWS" death and pool "(Mandy's).

16th July 1999 (Eyes Wide Shut) - 16th July 1969 (Apollo 11, Moon) - 16th July 1945 (Trinity test).
Eyes Wide Shut via Apollo 11 and Trinity. Stanley Kubrick insisted in his EWS release that it is not to be changed under any circumstances. That marks exactly 30 years to the day since Apollo 11 was launched. This all potentially evokes the conspiracy staple of Kubrick faking the moon landings - hence, Eyes Wide Shut (wink, wink). Of course, the same date (16 July) also denotes the exact 54 year anniversary of the Trinity nuclear bomb test.
The Trinity test was of an implosion-design plutonium device, informally nicknamed "The Gadget", from the same design as the "Fat Man" bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945.

"FAT MAN, you shoot a great game of pool." (Fat Man = Pluto-linked Gleason)
Tom "Eyes Wide Shut" Cruise (another nuclear missile!) in the 'Color of Money' (sequel to The 'Fat Man' Hustler).
Cruise-missile played 'Harford' in "Eyes Wide Shut" - based on the name of "Har(rison) Ford".
Tom "Scientology/Hubbard/Saint Hill Manor" Cruise. Hubbard being Parsons' Babalon scryer.
Jackie "Fat Man" Gleason - Nuclear Bomb "Fat Man" (Aug 9 1945).
"You know, I got a hunch, Fat Man ." "Geez, that old Fat Man...look at the way he moves, like a dancer ..."
"Well, you do not leave much when you miss, do ya Fat Man ?" "I dreamed about this game, Fat Man."
Paul "Fat Man" Newman
The bomb was actually named "Fat Man" after the character Kaspar 'Fat Man' Gutman in "The Maltese Falcon" (1941).
Laura "Diane - Twin Peaks/Wild at (Aliens) Heart" Dern. Newman as Leslie "Manhattan Project" Groves.
The film ends with the Trinity explosion (as seen in Twin Peaks).

"Back to the (Atomic/Fat Man) Future 3" - via Nagasaki, a flying/winged atomic "77" Bockscar jet & flying jet train.

After the war, (Fat Man) Bockscar returned to the United States in November 1945 and served with the 509th at Roswell Army Air Field (yup, Roswell!), New Mexico. Finally put in storage, Arizona, Aug. 1946.

"Back to the (Atomic) Future" Spielberg, & Lucas evoke similar (Roswell/atomics) in "Indy Jones & Crystal Skull".
The "jet rocket sled-train" (with "little boy" reference) to the New Mexico atomic test.

Indiana(polis) "O.S.S." Jones - who was present at the 1947 Roswell crash site. Indy sees the Roswell box opened and is then rocketed to a atomic test.  After this 'radioactive Indy' is then questioned about Roswell and the box.
Roswell grey/alien references and scenes sandwiched between nuclear/atomic activity and testing.
The "shroud" reference to evoke Christ (Trinity). Atomic Doom Town - the "nuke fridge" was originally from an early draft of "Back to the (Atomic) Future", but one abandoned. In Doom (gaming) this Doom Town street is called 'Trinity Ave'.
Recall that Indy/Ford was 'refrigerated/frozen' (in a carbonite box) in Empire Strikes Back.
"So, you tell ME...what was in the (ice) box?" Indy in the ice box/nuclear fridge:
Indy - a symbolic and birthed "irradiated homunculus" (nuked flying fridge/metal box) mixed with irradiated mannequins (mannikins). Crystal Skull atomic blast was in Deming, NM about 60 miles from Trinity/White Sands, Roswell is close too!
Some have theorised that "Jumbo" (a metal container at the Trinity site, NM) contained a Crowley-inspired "mannikin" (via Jack Parsons and the "magic bottle"). The ancient alchemical dream of creating a "real homunculus," one inundated with nuclear energy via the detonation at the 33rd degree Trinity site, and which allegedly took place within Jumbo. More on this Jumbo, and how it ties to Twin 'atomic/Trinity' Peaks later. Jumbo, also applies to a "giant elephant" (grey) and a "flying jet".
Ford (Indy) builds a jumbo exploding "nuke resonant ice/fridge" called FAT BOY (fat man/little boy) in The Mosquito Coast.
That was a "green formica table" too! As seen at the (now nuclear resonant) Convenience Store - FWWM.
FWWM (below left): "With chrome. And everything will proceed cyclically. "The chrome reflects our image..." (mirrors).
Doppelganger! Harrison "The Fugitive/One Arm linked" Ford, as Mike - One Armed Man/Philip Gerard!
They look virtually the same, styled and dressed in the same manner - even the hair.
Recall that part of Indy/Ford's "atomic blast" (countdown/PA announcements) was based on the 'IVY MIKE' test.
Twin Peaks S3 references both Manhattan (Trinity test) and Plumb-BOB (Hood test) atomic blasts.
The Fugitive (more like "Fugue-itive") opens with Dr Kimble (Ford) finding his wife murdered by a one armed man.
Han(d) Solos. One armed man linked "train car and doctor/hospital" sequences are also common to both media.
"My name is HARRISON, his name is BOB."  :)  (BOBa Fett)
It was Boba Fett that took the "carbon frozen/refrigerated" Han to Jabba.
Ford looks more like Mike (Gerard), than Bob (Silva) does when compared to his own sketch!
Interesting that "atomic duo" Ford, and Frank "Bob" Silva, were both carpenters/dressers before their major screen fame.
"Operation Ivy (Mike)" - Mairzy "ivy" Doats - "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy."
As sung by Leland/Bob on the morning of his hair turning completely grey. Ivy - green is its color.
"My name is MIKE, his name is (plum)BOB." After Plumbbob (Hood test, the picture in FBI Cole's office) came Diablo.
Notice that the 'Mike test' involved a massive amount of refrigeration equipment - 24,000 lbs of it!
It's the countdown/PA announcements (based on the Mike test) that motivates Indy into the fridge!

"Chill out" with Harrison - Allie 'Mosquito Exploding Jumbo Fat Boy Fridge Coast' Fox - Han 'Carbonite Fridgeman' Solo -
and Indy 'Mike/Atomic Fridgeman' Jones - Ford. :)

Fridge-door Ford was also a stagehand for "The Doors" - who soundtracked Apocalypse "drop the bomb" Now.
Recall that Morrison's father was Rear Admiral George "Gulf of Tonkin/Vietnam" Morrison.
Ford played "Col. Lucas" in "Apocalypse Now". It's Ford's Col. Lucas that gives another "Marty" (nuclear resonant Sheen, aka Willard) the Kurtz mission. 'Apocalypse' for the Revelation flavour. The film also featured Dennis 'Marjorie Babalon Cameron' Hopper, and a debuting Laurence 'Matrix/Trinity' Fishburne. Ford's "Mosquito 'Fat Boy' Coast" also carries a distinct "Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness" flavour.

Apocalypse Now was originally a George Lucas project (with Zoetrope), which he abandoned to work on Star Wars.
Lucas and Col. Lucas/Ford - not so much The Maltese "Fat Man" Falcon, but the Millennium "Atomic" Falcon!
Star "Atomic" Wars. The iconic greenhouse-style window and cockpit of Lucas/Ford's "Millennium Falcon" was designed in the style of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. B-29's like the Enola Gay and Bockscar which dropped the bombs on Japan, and ushered in the Atomic Age. James Earl "Darth Vader" Jones (not Indy) was B-52 Superfotress bombardier "Zogg" in Kubrick's Dr "Atomic Blast" Strangelove.
Han's atomic resonant 'hyperspace/stargate' cockpit -- to  a (hyperspacing) time-travelling atomic/plutonium Delorean.

'Back to the (plutonium) Future' and 'Hustling' Gleason aka "Fat Man" - like the bomb - is also linked to "Pluto".
Gleason/Ralph - now a literal "man in space" via "Pluto"
Nasa's New Horizons space probe had a Ralph Kramden (Gleason's Honeymooners character) named "infrared spectrometer" imaging instrument onboard - a probe that was used in a recent Pluto mission (2015).
Nuclear Strangelove - George C Scott, featured in The Hustler, as did Piper "Twin Peaks" Laurie as Sarah  Packard .
In Twin Peaks, Laurie played Catherine Martell and is linked to the  Packard  Saw Mill.
Jackie "Back to the Future" Gleason - Fat Man Hustling via Aliens at Homestead. "To the moon, Alice."

Recall this:
July 16th, 1999 (Eyes Wide Shut release, Trinity anniversary) marks exactly 30 years to the day since Apollo 11 was launched. This all potentially evokes the conspiracy staple of Kubrick faking the moon landings - hence, Eyes Wide Shut (wink, wink).

"Diamonds Are Forever" production designed by Ken "Kubrick's  production designer/Strangelove" Adam. Kubrick worked on Adam's Bond movie - The Spy Who Loved Me. The "moon hoax" scene was immediately preceded by a scene referencing "radiation/radioactivity". The latter might also act as a wink to lack of radiation protection in respect of Apollo.
Crispin "Back to the (Grays Almanac) Future" Glover's father, Bruce, was a (camp) henchman in the film!
Charles "Rocky Horror" Gray played the villain! The 007 (cipher) is also linked to Hermetic Dee.

Diamonds - a rock.

Green - like "The Color of Money" - Let's ROCK
Trinitite , also known as atomsite or Alamogordo glass, is the glassy residue left on the desert floor after the plutonium-based Trinity nuclear bomb test on July 16, 1945.
Trinitite (green glass/rock)
The Emerald Green Rock Table/Tablet of Hermes. 
"In 2005 it was theorized by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Robert Hermes and independent investigator William Strickfaden that much of the mineral (trinitite glass) was formed by sand which was drawn up inside the fireball itself and then rained down in a (melted)  liquid form . "

This 'Hermetic Emerald Tablet/Table' had once been in a fiuidic state like  melted glass .
The Emerald Green (Formica/Rock) Table - Convenience Store.
The hermetic maxim "As above, so below" (which features on the tablet) is used by the "Log Lady" in a series intro.
Twin "zig-zag lightning lodge" Peaks
Manhattan Project Patch - Zig-zag Lightning.

Plumb-BOB Operation series (Hood test) nuclear explosion is seen behind Cole's FBI desk.
Hood test (pic above, 5 July 1957) was immediately followed by " Diablo " (Devil) 15 July 1957.
A Plumbbob test named " Saturn " occurred 10 August 1957. The 'plumb' in plumb-bob is derived from 'lead' (plumbum). The 'bob' is the weight at the end of a pendulum, as in clocks (Chronology/C(h)ronos-Saturn). Lead being a metal that is also magickally linked to Saturn. Black Lodge is both a heavy 'Saturn' and 'Bob' resonator. It's alleged that the "Plumbbob" test series was the biggest, longest, and most controversial in the continental US. Similar (or the same) is seen in Lynch's "Eraserhead"
"Back to the Erased Head Future" - via a photograph and plutonium x2!

Above, Mary X (Charlotte "Betty/Major Briggs" Stewart) - it's Briggs who loses his head in "The Return".
Back to the Future - Erase A Head. Twin Erased Nuclear/Plutonium Heads - literally!
Crispin Glover based his performance as 47 year old George McFly (in the early part of the film) on Jack Nance's portrayal of Henry Spencer in Eraserhead (1977).
Billy "Back to the Future" Zane (playing 'Match'. "Got a light?"), appeared in Twin Peaks (original run).

"Back to the Atomic Twin Peaks Future/Past" - via the 50s, cars, deserted roads and radioactive men from the sky/space!
Eps 8 - the radioactive woodsman/men (an aspect of both plutonium Trinity, 1945, and 1956) from the sky.
Marty is literally a radioactive man from the sky (like the atomic woodsman) he's only just arrived via Twin Pines.
Marty even thinks he's having an intense dream. The road/car set-up is virtually identical in both examples.

Back to the 'Lightning Bolt/Atomic' Future. "Eraserhead" was where Lynch's "zig-zag/lightning bolt" motif was first used.
 Eraserhead and Twin Peaks: The Return.

Dougie Coop aka the returning Cooper - the man with the literal "erased" head.
It's certainly no coincidence that Cole takes the shock call about "Black Lodge Coop/Bob" in front of a Plumb-bob shot!
Eraserhead - "the moon-faced lady in the radiator" or "the moon-faced lady in the ir-radiator" (radiat-ion)?

Back to the (Visiting Alien Grays) Future

"Back to the Future" series - Men/Man from Space, Grays (Greys), Extraterrestrials and Aliens.
Crispin "George McFly" Glover - Lynch's "Wild at Heart". Glover as "Jingle 'Aliens' Dell".
Glover (McFly/Jingle Dell) and "aliens" via Back to the Future/Wild At Heart. Aliens making him do things in both!
With "Moonstruck" and (Alien) "Knowing" Nic Cage and Laura (Diane/Moon) Dern.

A "Glover" - and literally. Abduction?

Interesting that the "Wild at Heart" ' Jingle Dell/Alien  scene - with Back to the Future's (alien resonant) Glover/McFly is immediately followed by a cut to Harry Dean "Alien /Carl 'abducted' Rodd/Roswell" Stanton!

Alien and Apocalypse "drop the bomb" Now - both released 1979.
"Wild at Heart" Stanton was in "The Green Mile", which also has a "Mr. Jingle(s)/Del" combo!
Martin "Ben Willard" Sheen/Estevez - Alien Stanton starred with (son) Emilio in Repo "Atomic/Alien" Man.

"The Wil(lar)d at Heart Diamonds of Darkness" 
- where 'Willard' ended - 'Ben' begins! (geddit, Ben 'Rat' Willard).
Crispin 'Willard (remake)/Jingle Dell' Glover ends up in a  cell with a rodent (a la TGM, Jingles/Del) at the close. 
TGM also featured David "Contact" Morse.
" I smell a rat "
The Green Mile via Willard, Rodents x2 and Jingle(s) Del(l) x2. Above, Willard and White (rat) - see Diamonds are Forever.
The related films "Willard" (original) and "Diamonds Are Forever" were both released in 1971.
Rat - check. Bond's literal "Rat meet" (Rat meat).
Willard and Whyte via Bruce Glover - check.
Rat (again) via Bruce Glover's smelly aftershave - check. Bond doing a little "R&R" with Jill "Playboy/Diamonds" St John.

"Rat meat" dialogue spoken as the (WillardWhite Rabbit "Playboy" bunny chopper leaves!
Apocalypse of "St John" - 007 Fleming is a big aspect of Jill's Playboy cover/edition (March 1960). Hefner just died.
Bond once faced the man with "gold bullets" (Golden Gun/Christ-opher Lee).
This is Willard and Kurtz with "diamond bullets" - Apocalypse (of St John) Now.
(above) Kurtz says to Ben 'Apocalypse/Playboy/Rat' Willard (Sheen). 
St John's Apocalyptic Diamond Head Bullets. Diamonds Are Forever, Dune and The Doors - all desert/dune linked.
Apocalypse "The Doors/The End" Now - Crispin 'Willard' Glover played Andy "Velvet Underground" Warhol in Stone's "The Doors". Willard/Glover featured with Dennis "Apocalypse 'Willard' Now/Blue Velvet/James Dean" Hopper in "River's Edge". Willard "diamonds" Whyte was played by Jimmy Dean.
Dean "Blue Velvet/In Dreams"/Dune" Stockwell with Apocalypse "Doors" Now, Hopper, and Jeffrey (Muad'dib/Cooper).
"a candy colored clown they call the sandman" - the "snake riding" Dune/Doors clown sandmen (Jim/Muad'dib).

 Kyle "Cooper/Dune/Blue Velvet" MacLachlan, played Ray Manzerek in "The 'Desert Dune' Doors".
The End. "Ride the snake." Muad'dib (Kyle/Manzerek) "who rides the snake" (desert sandworm) - literally, see Dune.
Apocalypse "Doors" Now - ride the snaking "electric" worm/snake (circuit cable/river) - to Dune.
Riders on the (electrical lightning) storm. FWWM's Jurgen "Electric/Woodsman" Prochnow.
"ride the (electrical kundalini) the ancient lake (consciousness)" - Dune's Fremen/Sandman huge water caches.
There's Kyle's (Dune) desert rodent. Apocalypse Now also featured Scott "Silence of the Lam(b)s" Glenn.

Wint (Bruce Glover) worked for Blofeld (Charles Gray), who tries to escape in an airborne (spaceship-like) sub. :)
It's "Back to the (lightning bolt) Future" (with Crispin 'aliens/Willard' Glover) that links to the "Grays".

Lightning Bolt Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes" - Steve "Visage/Bowie" Strange
Fade to GREY - Loving the (Diamond Dog Bowie) ALIEN
A "strange" (and related) choice? Strange recorded a version of Bowie's 1985 single "Loving the Alien" (Demons to Diamonds, LP), after being granted permission by the singer and his management. See article, via Wales (gray Whales).
John "Alien/Contact" Hurt played Merryck in Lynch's 'The Elephant Man'. Bowie featured in the Broadway play!
50 Shades of (Alien) Grey or Grey's Anatomy (Merryck's)? Elephants, like the aliens - are literally "gray" (greys/grays).

"The Alien (Gray/Grey) Elephant Man". Lynch filmed in "black and white" aka "gray/grey".
Alien Space Jockeys (engineers) look like "elephants" (it's been noted).
Back-to-back films for John "Jockey" Hurt, 1979 and 1980. Hurt played the 'Champion Jockey' (Bob) in "Champions" (1984).
Hopkins (with aliens "Contact" Foster, Star-ling) is linked to "elephants" via Hannibal (as in Lecter, also evoking the military General linked to elephants). Ridley "Alien" Scott would direct Hopkins in "Hannibal" (2001). Prior to "Alien" and "The Elephant Man", Hurt did voice work for the animated 1979 release "Lord of the Rings" (Saturn). Fire Walk With Me's "ring finding" Agt Desmond (Isaak) was in "Silence of the Lams/Lambs, and scored for Lynch's "Wild at (Aliens) Heart."

Greys (and Lams) for Jodie via "Alien /Grey Elephant Man" aka John "Contact" Hurt.
It's John 'Alien' Hurt (as Hadden) that helps Jodie "Hannibal Lecter" Foster (Ellie), make 'contact' with aliens (via TV and rings) in Robert 'BTTF' Zemeckis' movie of Sagan's "Contact" (1997) .
It also featured Tom "Alien" Skerritt. Contact's McConaughey was in (the contact based) "Interstellar" with Saturn, a Nolan film linked to Nathan (Aleister related) Crowley  .

Rust "McConaughey/Contact" Cohle:
"People out here, it's like they do not even know the outside world exists. Might as well be living on the fucking moon"

"Alright, alright, alright ..."
Matthew "Dazed and Confused via Interstellar Contact" McConaughey..."Party at the Moontower - with Aliens" :)
Moontower and The Moon Children. Aliens at the "Moontower". Looks like a communications tower!

Aliens, Presidents and Green. Opens with the "5th Element" supreme alien being, Jovovich.
That's also her with a globe that should not be - a globe with a mysterious large island west of Oz (Australia).
Before Lynch/Frost made Twin Peaks, they were co-authoring an idea for a TV series called "The Lemurians"..
In "TP:The Secret History" -  the Lemurians are mentioned, a progenitor race living underground, often below dormant volcanoes (vulcan-ism) such as Mt Shasta and Mt "1st UFO sighting" Rainier (two Mt. peaks). The underground cities were only accessible by lava tubes and caves. Twin Peak's "Owl Cave" is part of a system of old lava tubes, as noted in the dossier. The Lemurians are described as being akin to black lodge - evil in their ways.

Twin Peaks: The Return (eps7)
FBI Cole, Rosenfeld, Diane and Preston fly past "Mt Shasta" and a strange "window" anomaly occurs with the aircraft.
Windows appear to white-out. The plane is on its way to Yankton Federal Prison for the evil Cooper/Diane meet.
Interesting where this occurs, Mt 'Lemurian' Shasta. A code? There could be a link to Windom Earle (via Earl's theme).
H Spencer "AMORC grandmaster" Lewis (under a pseudonym), wrote in his "Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific" (1931) - that beings live in the depths of Mt Shasta (a remnant of Lemuria). Lewis also describes a most unusual effect that Mt Shasta is said to have on automobiles that get too close: after a flash of light, their electrical systems fail. This little detail anticipates by several decades a central feature of later UFO encounters.

Dazed/Dark Side of the Moon - Parsons' crater is situated there. Alan Parsons worked on Pink Floyd's Dark Side LP. 
Engineer Alan Parsons was responsible for many distinctively notable sonic aspects and the recruitment of singer Clare Torry.

Rob "# 2" Lowe, The Spy Who Shagged Me (via time travel). Lowe also featured in Zemeckis' (alien) Contact (1997)

The Alan Parsons Project and the Moon ... yeah, baby! Myers/Powers/Dr Evil with Heather "Twin Peaks" Graham.
The moon laser (death star) pointed at Washington is from "Diamond (moon hoax) Are Forever".

Dr Evil's Dark Side of the Alan/Jack Parsons That's No Moon (It's A Space Station/Death Star).
The Eye in the Sky - a likely reference to (masonic) sirius. Dr. Evil even uses a "pinkie" finger gesture.
Dark-siding (a la Vader, Dr. Evil and Floyd) via the Moon (Space Station) and with Parsons x2.
Dr Heywood Floyd was the 'moon crater alien monolith' overseer in Kubrick's 2001. Radio emitting monoliths.
Jack Parsons' dark side of the moon crater:
Twin Peaks - The Secret History
On page 255, Jack Parsons mentions the greys from Zeta Reticuli. Agent TP's footnote # 8 on this page about Zeta Reticuli is accurate; the binary star system of Zeta Reticuli is about 39 light-years from Earth. 
Parsons and Reticuli greys - that's right near where the Alien Nostromo crew get woken to investigate the "alien"!
 John "Alien - Reticuli Grey/Grey Elephant Man/Contact - Earl Grey/Crystal 'Grey' Skull" Hurt. 
Agent TP's footnote # 9 on page 255 on the star Sirius is accurate. Sirius is the brightest star in Earth's sky, about 8.6 light-years away. Sirius aka "the eye in the sky".
The Harry S Truman/Trumoon Show
Moon man, Carrey. DNA and the Y chromosome. The "I" in the sky (base of the ladder).
His reality is controlled from the moon, it's got the "atomic B-29/Millennium Falcon "cockpit window too!

More comedy... There is a 'Parsons type ringer' in that 'science' comedy show - "The Big Bang Theory" - another Jim Parsons.
Well, The Big Bang Theory does have the 'atom' as its logo. A "big bang" is literally an explosion much like an atomic blast! Whiteside "OTO" Parsons was allegedly involved with some of the 'atomic testing' down in White Sands, New Mexico - the experimental 'Jumbo' capsule that was present at the Trinity scene. (see Downard/Hoffman, more on this later).

 Jack Parsons ran the Pasadena OTO Lodge...Jim Parsons' "The Big Bang Theory" is set in Pasadena!
One of Sheldon "Time Machine" Cooper's - 'Manhattan Project atomic cats' was called 'Otto' (OTO).
Thelemite occultist. Parsons was associated with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation. He invented the first castable, composite solid rocket propellant, and pioneered the advancement of both liquid and solid-fuel rockets.  Sheldon (Jim 'Big Bang Theory' Parsons) is a theoretical physicist at Caltech who shares an apartment with his colleague and best friend.
Stacks of overlaps.

 We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!
Religion or astronomy (Descartes or Deuteronomy)
It all started with the big bang!
Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology
It all started with the big bang!
It all started with the big BANG!

 Unraveling 'the mysteries' via The Big Bang (sex magick) & Caltech/Pasadena Parsons...x2
 OTO Parsons' Sex & (phallic) Rockets - TV Parsons and his Big Bang (sex, slang) Theory, or do I have to reiterate that 'sex magick' is a key aspect of the OTO system? A general term for 'mystery religion' is this specific phrase 'The Mysteries'.
Oh look...Atomic Sex Magick (lol)
Jim "Atomic" Parsons (Jack Parsons) meets Doc "BTTF/Atomic" Brown (von Braun). Season 10.
Below - the timeline and "Grays/Greys" (Blast from the Past) Almanac. Vulcan Spock is another obsession.

Leonard (Galecki) wears a t-shirt with a 'jellyfish' that looks like an atomic "mushroom cloud".
Trinity Oppenheimer was even mentioned in the shows pilot episode.

Young "Atomic Little Boy" Sheldon. (Parsons narrates). Pilot was Sept 2017, next "rocket" episode is Nov 2.
Young Sheldon played by Iain Armitage.
Previously in "Big Little Lies" - with Nicole "EWS/Trinity" Kidman & Laura "Fatman-Little Boy/Twin Peaks" Dern.

The Man in the Planet/Moon - (Atomic) Henry and Child (Baby)
Lynch - Eraserhead (1977) and The Elephant Man (1980). An 'erased head' (to forget) and 'elephants' (who never forget).
It's rocket scientist - Jack "Eraserhead/Twin Peaks" Nance, as 00 Spool. (Lynch's Wild at Heart)

The Wizard of Oz (see Lam and Oz, via Crowley), Toto and rocket scientists. 
There's an old style "porn movie" being made in the scene above - sex and rockets, literally.
Nance also featured in Lynch's 3rd movie - his sci-fi epic "Dune" - music by Toto (Oz).

It's Jeffries (Bowie) that "vanishes" for two years in Twin Peaks (a type of abduction occurred).

1947 also saw the popularization of the UFO (via the first official sighting) and the Roswell incident.
Carl 'abducted' Rodd's (Stanton) "Fat Trout Trailer Park" (FWWM) was linked to Black Lodge activity.
Aleister "777" Crowley's "Moonchild" tells of white/black magicians fighting over a homunculus / moonchild.
Some of these aspects tend to evoke certain aspects of Twin Peaks (white/black lodge/magicians/dugpas).

David "777 - Kether to Malkuth" Bowie. The Ziggy-Zaggy (lightning) Starman from Mars.
"Let's dance, under the moonlight - the serious (Sirius) moonlight ..." (see Crowley's 'Leah' poem).
Let's Dance (via Oz/Aus) - the music video does feature an "atomic explosion" over the Oz outback.
Incidentally, Twin Peaks Bowie's own child/son "Duncan Jones" directed the "sci-fi" movie "Moon" (2009).
Doppelgangers and clones on the "dark side of the moon". A Bowie "moon-child" and literally.

Bowie (Philip 'Judy' Jeffries) "moon surface-faced" child/boy overlaps - FWWM.
The same mask is also linked to the 'Judy' mo (o) nkey. Davy Jones (Bowie's name) was also a Mo(o)nkee.
Twin "cherry pie" Peaks to Green "Moon pie" Mile - via Let's Rock (well).
"Let's Rock" was seen at Fat Trout - run by Carl "Harry Dean Stanton" Rodd. Rockwell's quote below said to Toot (Stanton).
Moon, starred Sam "Green Mile"  (Moon pie) Rockwell. TGM - A movie based on a Stephen "Christine" King story.
Brent "Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks: The Return" Briscoe also features in The Green Mile.
Hanks has heavy "Moon" resonance himself - Apollo 13 etc. Harry Dean "Alien /Green Mile/Christ-ine/Wild at Heart" Stanton is linked to David "Lazarus/Merry Christ-mas Mr Lawrence" Bowie via "Last Temptation of Christ" (Saul/Paul and Pilate, respectively), actually has a Lazarus scene (Willem "Wild at Heart/Anti-Christ" Dafoe played Christ!). It's "Alien Stanton" that searches for Jones (Bowie's name) the cat in Alien (1979) - that's David's alien resonant "Cat People" Bowie. Christ was crucified in his 33rd year. Record LP's (like Bowie's) run at 33 1/3rd rpm. Duncan Bowie/Jones' "Moon" was filmed over 33 days. John "Green Mile" Coffey (JC) is clearly an avatar for Jesus Christ - a miracle worker condemned and murdered by his peers.

The are 33 segments in the human spinal column which according to occult lore is the vehicle of the fiery ascent of the Kundalini serpent force which resides in the human body. 33 is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter occurred exactly on the Trinity/Trinitite Site (near the 33rd parallel), the 'Place of Fire' with the explosion of the first atomic bomb, culminating untold thousands of years of Alchemical speculation and practise." Note - this was all under the tenure of 33rd President - Harry S Truman.

"The Killing of the King rite (see 'King Kill 33', Downard/Hoffman) was accomplished at another Trinity site located approximately ten miles south of the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude between the Trinity River and the Triple Underpass at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Texas, Dealey Plaza was the site of the first masonic temple in Dallas, and where the world leader who has been known as the 'King of the World/Camelot', President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was shot to death. Some even claim that Kennedy may have (ritually) passed through a part of the Jornada del Muerto on his way to Dallas!
(Some of the former 'King Kill 33' elements have been covered by Lynch-linked Marilyn "Anti-Christ Superstar" Manson in his LP output - "Holy Wood" etc, he's also done likewise with 'Jornado del Muerto').

Trinity Site was chosen as the test site. The secluded "Jornada del Muerto" was perfect as it provided isolation for secrecy and safety, but was still close to Los Alamos. "Jornada del Muerto" - perfect mystical toponomy meaning appropriately "Journey of the Dead Man". The spot is now marked with a phallic obelisk.
(excerpts from 'Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare' - MA Hoffman II)
"Dead Man Walking" -  The Green (Atomic) Mile - (Journey of the Dead Man/Jornada Del Muerto, Trinity site).
Trinity - the explosion that leads to "Little Boy". Del and Mr Jingles (Delacroix - "meaning" of the cross").
Potentially there's a tie-in to Christ's walk to death, Christ (the Trinity ) being treated as a criminal and sentenced to death.
Harry Dean "Alien/Los Alamos-linked/Rodd" Stanton - who does the dummy run execution on the Green Mile .

With David "Contact/Green Mile" Morse via Ellie x2 and Old Sparky (electric chair) and Sparks (Contact's, Ellie/Foster).
Two atomic linked "contact" chairs - one via electrical contact (TGM), one via alien tech (Contact).
Socorro/Jornado Del Muerto - is where the radio VLA is used to pick-up "alien communication" in (Sagan's) 'Contact'.
Right near Ground Zero (see map below). Radio-telescopes, Radio-activity and Alien Contact.
It's Hadden's " atom ring resonant wormhole machine" (linked to nuclear Japan) that leads Ellie (Star-ling) to the "Vega alien contact" (Alien Morse).

Manhattan Project and Ground Zero (Point). 9/11 was another "Manhattan" project type with a Ground Zero!
The "Contact movie" VLA was also seen in "atomic Kubrick's" 2001 sequel - 2010: The Year We Make (Alien) Contact.

"There's a starman waiting in the sky, but he thinks he'd blow our minds."
2010 - David "Space Odyssey" Bow(ie) man (in a transformed state) photon flashes to earth (via a TV set ) to notify his former wife Betty of a coming cosmic paradigm shift.

Betty Bowman - played by Eileen " Twin Peaks " Hayward! Tying Twin 'Alien' Peaks and 2010/Contact together.
Dr.  Heywood  "alien monolith" Floyd and  Dr.  Will  Hayward  (Eileen's husband).
It is alleged (see Secret History) that Dr. Will Hayward filed Josie's autopsy report 9 days before her death.
Will Hayward's father (Dan) performed the physician's exam of the Log Lady after her abduction/disappearance.
The "2010: Contact" (film) Socorro VLA connect - links us back to "Contact" (1997) and nuclear Trinity.

Gordon "Lynch" Cole wrote to Mayor Milford (Dougie's brother) about the Blue Pine facility in (1983). The letter seems to establish that both Cole and Jeffries visited Twin Peaks in 1983. This is long before Cooper is brought there via the case of Laura Palmer. I think Cole (Lynch) may have been one of Nixon's key FBI men.

Dougie "alien gray" Milford's successor, Garland "Bluebook/abducted/Revelations" Briggs' (Don 'X-Files/Omen IV/Stargate' Davis) real work involved building a small top-secret facility on "Blue Pine Mountain" for monitoring radio transmissions from deep space. It was Briggs that received the intercepted "Cooper/666" message (via space) from "the woods".
Blue Pine facility was known officially as SETI Array 7-1, or more commonly, Listening Post Alpha (LPA) The Secret History .
 SETI stands for "search for extraterrestrial intelligence". SETI was also an aspect of "Contact" (1997).

In our historic reality - messages/signals from space?
The OSU SETI program gained fame on August 15, 1977 when Jerry Ehman, a project volunteer, witnessed a startlingly strong signal received by the "Big Ear" telescope. He quickly circled the indication on a printout and scribbled the phrase “Wow!” in the margin. Dubbed the Wow! signal, it is considered by some to be the best candidate for a radio signal from an artificial, extraterrestrial source ever discovered, but it has not been detected again in several additional searches.

I found the following "wow" synchronicities/overlaps interesting, especially considering the only very recent (June 2017) mention in respect of the "Wow! signal". Make of it what you will.

 He (Wow, Ehman) later recanted his skepticism somewhat, after further research showed an Earth-borne signal to be very unlikely, due to the requirements of a space-borne reflector being bound to certain unrealistic requirements to sufficiently explain the nature of the signal. Also, the 1420 MHz signal is problematic in itself in that it is "protected spectrum": it is bandwidth in which terrestrial transmitters are forbidden to transmit due to it being reserved for astronomical purposes.  In his most recent writings, Ehman resists "drawing vast conclusions from half-vast data"—acknowledging the possibility that the source may have been military in nature or otherwise may have been a production of Earth-bound humans. (wiki)

Or as the late science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke once put it in a 1997 interview with New Scientist magazine:
“God only knows what it was."

Wow, Bob (SETI Gray), wow...Mr "Extraterrestrials" GRAY.
Bob Gray IS Mr "Wow Signal!". Bob "ET" Gray (Grey). Peaks' grey haired 'Red Room' wow resonant Bob. Palmer?
"Wow, Bob, wow." - "Cooper/666" radio messages from the woods and intercepted in deep space.
There's actually three number sixes listed (among dozens of others numbers) on the "Wow! signal" readout.

In 1987 and again in 1989 Robert Gray led Wow! signal searches using the 26-metre radio telescope of the Planetary Society-funded META array at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Massachusetts, but found nothing. Gray also managed to secure the services of the entire Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico, (yup, the usual familiar place!) composed of 27 25-metre dishes. This, according to Gray, was a first: "Contrary to popular belief since the movie Contact," he emphasizes, "the prestigious $80 million telescope hardly ever listens for broadcasts from the stars."

Gray postulates that the signal could be being beamed using an intermittent system (not an 'all powerful constant source' that would require colossal amounts of power) - like a lighthouse beam.
The Wow signal was picked up in the constellation of Sagittarius - the archer/bowman pointing at galactic centre.

In "Alchemical Conspiracy and the Death of the West" Michael Hoffman writes of Parsons.
Hoffman tells us that the OTO had a temple on nearby Mount Palomar. The local  Indians  regarded the mountain as holy. Hoffman says, "The OTO believes that Palomar is the sexual chakra of the Earth." Parsons commuted regularly between Palomar and Pasadena. The Mount Palomar Observatory opened in 1949. Smith probably consecrated his temple on Palomar soon after his move to California in 1930, before the Observatory was planned.

Angels and Demons
Parsons' Jet Propulsion Lab grew out of the Harry Guggenheim-funded, Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT). According to Michael A Hoffman II: GALCIT had been run by the 'Hungarian-Jewish scientist Professor Theodore von Karman, who claimed to be a direct descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew'. Rabbi Loew was the tutor of Dr John Dee, producer of the Enochian system, Rabbi Loew is the most famous, however, for the legend that he succeeded in creating artificial life, the Kabbalistic entity known as the Golem, a Gentile destroying monster. The instructions for making a Golem are contained in the Sefer Yetzirah, the oldest text of the Kabbalah. Loew's kabbalistic Enochian (angel/demon) magick was ultimately the source  and base for Dee/Kelly, Crowley, and Parsons/Hubbard's magick. It was Hubbard who wrote " Diane -tics" (Scientology, Diane/Moon).

Parsons, attempted to produce a 'Moonchild' or demonic homunculus in the womb of his Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron, the 'Maenad' referenced in the Hymn to Pan. (Crowley's poem). Parsons crowning achievement involved the 'Mannikin' of Crowley's fevered dream.

Lynch accompanied this Trinity scene with Krzysztof (Kubrick's The Shining) Penderecki's Hiroshima Threnody. Krzysztof aka Christ-opher (Trinity). "Nine Inch Nails" preceded Lynch's Trinity explosion - crucifixion or nailed with a nine incher (sex magick)?

From earlier - "Sex and Rockets (Parsons) author, Carter, also suggests it might have been the atomic  bomb  that opened this door between dimensions."

Between worlds ... and doors/portals between dimensions.
Lynch's Trinity detonation takes us into the heart of the mushroom cloud and into other dimensions!
Two cliff-top castles over looking the sea and two portals to another world/planet.
Dune - linked to Caladan (and Paul / Cooper / McLachlan) the folding space portal to another world (Arrakis, desert planet).
Twin Peaks - from the desert to the castle and the portal to another world (or planet, see the internal Jupiter-like floor).
Jurgen "Woodsman" Prochnow resided in Castle Caladan (Dune). "Woodsman/conv. store" is an aspect of the Trinity dimensions.

Do we see the birth of "Bob" (into our dimension) - and then a White Lodge) counter action via the creation of Laura?
The Giant was able to incarnate into human hosts (Great Northern waiter) and helped Cooper unravel the mystery.
Not the first time that Lee (Laura) has found herself inside an orb/bubble/crystal ball - one floating to earth!
See Wild at "Oz" Heart. The Mulholland Drive "Silencio" (Tower) featured the Oz magician (behind the curtain).
"Bring in that floating giant man ..."

Inside Trinity. The (red room, gas) "giant/fireman" - the floor resembles the Jovian (Jupiter) surface. (Jupiter/Saturn)
The scene with the levitating "giant/fireman" takes place inside the " Tower Theater " (aka Mulholland Drive's Silencio).
The Tower (tarot) - "the lightning-Stru(y)ck(en) Tower" (lightning/Jupiter-Zeus) - Carel Stru(y)cken.
Struycken is Dutch (Holland/(Mul) Holland). The paths/trails emanating from his head evokes the "ancient of ancients".
Struycken had roles in the 80s/90s Star Trek franchises with Jean Luc Picard aka Patrick "Dune" Stewart.

It's not the first time Lynch has done "atomics in the desert" (a la Trinity) - Dune (desert planet).

From the Floating "nuclear" Giant to the Floating "atomic"  Fat Man . :) Dune's Baron "Fat Man" Harkonnen.
Fat Man (Nagas-aki). The "nagas" were serpent type creatures, perhaps the (worm-holing) sandworms is a link.
A couple of minutes after this "Fat Man" utterance - "desert atomics" are being used to blow-up the shield wall!
Above quote is from the Emperor who is situated behind it.
Played by Jose Ferrer, who was the father of Twin Peaks' Miguel "Albert Rose-nfeld" Ferrer.
Dune: MacLachlan/Cooper as Paul, Patrick "Picard/Star Trek - First (Alien/Nuclear) Contact" Stewart as Gurney.
Everett "Twin Peaks/Big Ed" McGill as Stilgar. Lynch's "messianic" Dune was primarily filmed in Mexico (desert).
Albert's "absurd" quote (S3) is from "Ronnie Rocket" (Lynch's unrealised project). Lynch: "I've been writing it for ten years, since I finished Eraserhead. It's an absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence. It's about electricity."

"Fat Man and Little Boy" - via Lynch. We've brought in the (floating/aerial) "Fat Man", now bring in the "Little Boy."
Penderecki's "Threnody" (from Lynch's Trinity) keys us directly into Hiroshima (and Little Boy), which followed.
A "Little Boy" aspect (relating to Bob) can be found in Twin Peaks (original run) - quoted by Leland.
Leland, the possessed by evil father who went "grey/gray".
"Got a light ...?"
Laura also uses "little boy" - relayed by James, and appropriately to (sheriff) Harry S 'little boy' Truman.
We might also consider the boy magician (a little boy), we see him dance around Leland (FWWM).
The parts for the "Little Boy" Hiroshima bomb left on the "USS In-diana-polis" (a ship) within hours of the Trinity blast.

The Trinity Experiment (Eps 8). Note that there are what seem like multiple "egg-like" objects being emitted.
It's at this point that we are taken to the Fireman (Giant) and Dido (glass orb woman).
For what appears to be the "Laura creation" counteraction (shown earlier).
We see the "Laura charged orb" descend over the US, and immediately followed by this:

Seemingly, back to New Mexico 'Trinity blast' vicinity and a flash-forward - to this specific time.

A "frog/bug" hatches from an egg (under a full moon) in the New Mexico desert (Aug. 5, 1956). 

A Platters song "My Prayer" is playing on the town's local radio station. A Platters founder member was called David Lynch. This song was the US Billboard #1 single from "August 4, 1956" (for 4 weeks).

The woodsman gets "radio-active" - he resembles Lincoln.
He enters the radio station, interrupts the Platters track (kills two staff) and makes a "radio" broadcast - 
"This is the water. And this is the well..."
A speech that seems to cause the (transistor radio listening) townsfolk to turn comatose.
transistor radio is a small portable radio receiver that uses transistor-based circuitry. Following their development in 1954, made possible by the invention of the transistor in 1947, they became the most popular electronic communication device in history, with billions manufactured during the 1960s and 1970s. Their pocket size sparked a change in popular music listening habits, allowing people to listen to music anywhere they went (eventually listening to folk like 1947, Bowie).
Note how the transistor's development/exponential growth period overlaps with the Twin Peaks 1940s/50s timeline.
Western Electric "The Germanium Transistor" Paperweight (1954) - note it sits inside the "atomic" symbol.
Compare the transistor imagery with the Twin "nuclear" Peaks "Rancho Rosa" title card(s).
Jacques "Fat Man" Renault's (red draped) Cabin - the retro turntable/phonograph.
The Platters - My Prayer: "When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing."
Waldo (Jacques' assassinated Mynah bird) and Waldo Lydecker - "Let's Rock" -incarnation/possession via beasts.
Lydecker was one of Mike's (Gerard) closest friends, hospitalised in a coma, but we never see him.
transistor is a semiconductor device with at least three terminals for connection to an electric circuit. The world's first commercial transistor production line was at the Western Electric plant on Union Boulevard in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Production began on Oct. 1, 1951 with the point contact germanium transistor.

"Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song....and there's always music in the air."
Western "mass produced transistor" Electric, again. The "9-Type Reproducer" (Diamond 9a) was for use in electrical transcription systems for radio broadcasting and similar applications. Western Electric could've provided the bones of both the broadcast devices and the receiving devices in the world of Twin Peaks (1956). The record disc has a lightning bolt on it.
A stuck/skipping (like Jacque's) turntable/phonograph at the Palmer house - linked to Laura's abuse. This could be the primary echo to "the girl" (Sarah?). The young girl (after the song is interrupted) is made comatose via a 'radio broadcast' (one referencing drinking, horses and descending). Prior to Leland/Bob's abuse of Laura, Sarah is made comatose with a drugged drink and with an accompanying record/song.

Two companies working together, Texas Instruments of Dallas, Texas and Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A.) of Indianapolis, Indiana, were behind the unveiling of the Regency TR-1, the world's first commercially produced transistor radio (unit).
Previously, Texas Instruments was producing instrumentation for the oil industry and locating devices for the U.S. Navy and I.D.E.A. built home television antenna boosters. One year after the release of the TR-1 sales approached the 100,000 mark. From the mid-50s onwards transistor radios would become rapidly commonplace.

Recall..."etheric travel by electricity, utility poles etc". The "transistor" was invented at  "Bell Telephone Laboratories".
Transistors were used in telephone circuitry etc. Recall Evil Coop's Yankton phone call - the control he wielded etc.
"This is a formica table" (as said in the convenience store, FWWM).
Formica is a laminated composite material invented at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States in 1912. Originally used to replace mica in electrical applications, it has since been manufactured for a variety of uses. (like formica table top surfaces!)

Anyway, we see what happens to "the girl" after her radio induced coma (the frog/bug moment), but we don't see what happens to any of the others who are affected by the broadcast.

The frog/bug makes its way to the window of a "broadcast affected" sleeping/dreaming girl and jumps thru, finally entering her mouth. It's possible that this "egg" is from "white lodge castle" - the fireman (giant/jupiter-zeus) and dido (woman). It's also possible it's from "black lodge" (ultimately inferring, Bob). There are two ways of reading the frog/bug - good and bad. First we'll look at it positively.
The above "Access Guide" was authored by Lynch/Frost (see text).
 Dido - the "Laura orb" woman who sits/resides in a castle (house) floating in the middle of the lake/sea.
The woman who guides the orb to the funnel - an orb that we last see over the US.
In Indonesia flying frogs are "cradle guardians". They have expanded from flying angels to winged creatures from the earth. It is believed that a Flying Guardian placed in ones home will drive away evil spirits and protect the premises from harm.
Radioactive (Trinitite) Trinity (New Mexico) - which led to the Convenience Store and the Woodsman.
Pre-blast, NIN 'She's Gone Away' - “A little mouth opened up inside/Yeah, I was watching on the day she died.”  
The (frog/bug swallowing) girl who found the lucky penny (a Lincoln cent).
It's very likely that the girl is Sarah Palmer (nee Novack). Leland was supposedly possessed by Bob when he was a "little boy" (according to his possessed self, see original series) and by some accounts was born 1944 (Feb 26). I'm not sure who the boy is, I can't rule out that he might be Leland, and I'd guess that it probably is.

The Trinity bomb didn't ultimately create Bob, he's existed for aeons. The bomb likely caused a tear in the fabric of our spacetime - allowing his incarnation into our realm via "the Trinity bomb and the experiment".

Anyway, the "frog/bug" (possibly sent by white lodge) could be a 'cradle guardian' to protect Sarah from harm during the Woodsman (affecting) radio broadcast. Putting a "frog in the mouth" used to be an old wives cure for a sore throat. The lucky (Lincoln) penny rub also plays into this same "good will" theme. Mr Jackpots Coop rubbed his (lucky) coins when playing the casino bandits. If so, the "frog/bug" has been produced at the exact necessary moment - at the time of the woodsman's comatose inducing radio broadcast. The woodsman literally materialises and drops from the sky into the desert -
"we have descended from pure air" - FWWM/Convenience Store.

The frog/bug hatching (and entering a host) and the woodsman's broadcast are seemingly linked and do coincide.

If it's not from 'white lodge" (because it's hard to be sure) - then the hatched "frog/bug" is likely "black lodge and Bob". We saw Bob incarnated into our dimension via Trinity, and it's the "frog/bug" egg that hatches in the same vicinity (under a full moon - moonlight Bob sonata etc), yet some 11 years later. A hatched entity that comes in through an open window and gains access via sleep/dreams - and on the back of the (black lodge) woodsman radio broadcast.
The "frog/bug" enters the sleeping girls bedroom in the same way that Leland/Bob entered Laura's bedroom for abuse.
The Platters - My Prayer: "My prayer is to linger with you. At the end of the day in a dream that's divine.
The dreaming girl (comatose from the broadcast) "opening up" and the entity "going inside".
NIN 'She's Gone Away' - “A little mouth opened up inside/Yeah, I was watching on the day she died.”

Above, Leland on the day he died! The hatched "frog/bug" guided by the (black lodge) woodsman's radio broadcast is (literally) told to "drink full and descend"  (this is the water and well) - and slip into the body of a host - the girl (likely Sarah Palmer). If so, it could be that Leland and Sarah's contact at a young age, and then becoming childhood sweethearts - is ultimately what brings Leland into contact/possession by Bob (via "infected" Sarah).

If smoking cigarettes was an Olympic sport Sarah Palmer would be a multiple gold medallist.

"Got a light."
"Fire is the devil hiding in the smoke." - "The horse is the white (white horse) of the eyes...and dark within."
The "white horse" is linked to Sarah, seen when drugged (via drinks) by Leland/Bob prior to Laura's murder (FWWM).
S2 Ep7 - Sarah crawls into the living room and sees the white horse, Leland/Bob ignores her.
This is just prior Leland/Bob killing Maddy, implying that Sarah was again drugged around the point of murder.
"Got a light?" - "Drink Full..."
It's the "Bob window climb thru scene" that immediately follows Sarah's drink based drugging.
The (pale) white horse aspect may play into associated Revelation (and tarot) themes and Laura's death the next night.
"Horse" is also a related drug term. A "frog in the throat" used to be an old cure for a sore throat (hoarse!)
Leland/Bob's 'Mair-zy Doats' was first sung in front of Sarah - "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy."

Drink full (drugged drink), and descend (stairs). The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within...”
Sarah saw the white horse in her room (FWWM). She also saw it again after descending the stairs (Maddy's murder).
Turntable at the Palmer house - linked to Laura's abuse/murder - a familiar and repetitive abuse pattern/charade. The phonograph was playing when Leland/Bob killed Maddy, and just before his failed attempt on Donna. It's Sarah who angrily swipes the phonograph arm (Pennsylvania 6-5000) when Leland breaks down with Laura's picture. This happens just before Cooper's "music in the air" dream!

The primary echo to "the girl" (Sarah) and what would become an established pattern for Sarah during Laura's abuse.
The record disc with the "lightning bolt" a la the lodges. Flashing light was an aspect of Bob's bed visits.
Echoes? Curtain/drapes, body positions, legs etc
A proper night "mare" - Eps 8 ends with the "woodsman" disappearing into the desert darkness to baying horse sounds.
We also saw "lightning lodge" influence at the Silver Mustang Casino (white/pale horse) early S3. "Jade gives two rides."
"You can go out now" (Mustang Jade and Lodge Laura). They both utter the phrase.
"I go out now"
Grace "Sarah Palmer" Zabriskie - Wild at Heart (1990). Made around the same time as the TP series.

A dark scene involving death, a kiss, and a (Santos) ring - which were also aspects of Laura's Twin Peaks.
This "WAH" stuff - I'm using it in an abstract way. The show IS abstract and Lynch's other work(s) can provide clues.

We also know that Sarah was "channelled" by Black Lodge linked Windom Earle in the S2 closing.
Sarah saw and felt Bob's presence (separate from Leland) on many occasions in the original series.
We can only speculate as to how much Sarah was aware of what was going on with "Leland/Bob and Laura". Maybe there is a whole lot more to the Sarah story. We even don't know how often she was drugged, or whether she was complicit in Laura's abuse, at least in some way.
This was Earle's conduit for summoning Major Briggs to the Black Lodge, channelling Sarah utters this to Briggs.
Windom "Dugpa/Black Lodge' Earle may have even known about Sarah, and her potential role etc. There could be symbolic  "mother/mother" overlaps - mother (the atomic experiment) and mother (Sarah). Sarah is a literal "mother of a harlot" (that being Laura), the biblical 'Mother of Harlots' being Babylon/Babalon. Sarah was either born in 1945 or 1946 - which is around the time of the (Parsons/Hubbard) Babalon Working rituals.

If "frog/bug" is Black Lodge's doing - then possessed Leland (during the original series) may have been lying (misleading or misled) about the Robertson "man next door" - the man he claims as the source of his dealings with Bob.

I found a "linked" event that might be relevant to the (Aug 5th, 1956) broadcast date shown in Twin "nuclear" Peaks.
Guam, directly linked to the USS Indianapolis/Little Boy (bomb). The Hiroshima bomb that left after Trinity.
Guam was also where Dougie "greys/bluebook" Milford was stationed before Los "Trinity" Alamos.
"That Gu(a)m you like is going to comeback in style".
The Guam station was used both for TV and Radio transmissions and based at the same site.
The Guam radio station began broadcasting first (March 14, 1954). Note, ABC/CBS/NBC - ABC was the network that aired the original Twin Peaks. CBS have been involved too, via distribution and online content.

July 16, 1956 - Broadcasting/Telecasting Magazine.
The TV station's (identical) launch target date was given on the Trinity anniversary date, July 16!

Pete "GUAM" Martell
The Eckhardt/Packard "Moon Box and Key" - Moon-Key/Mon-Key
Aug 5, 1956 (Twin Peaks) showed a "Full Moon" just before the "frog/bug" egg hatch.
While on "R & R" - suggesting that Pete had some type of military links (Army/Navy).
Moon box and key - to Mo(o)nkey (Show)!

The Guam TV/radio station was OWNED by Harry S ENGEL!
David "ENGEL" Lynch (Rammstein) and the "nuclear test" (plumbbob/hood). Lost "Rammstein" Highway.
Ramstein is also an US Air Base (Germany) and where the US stored hundreds of nuclear warheads.

Ep 7. Cole/Lynch with the "corn" (garmonbozia), atomic mushroom cloud, and Engel (Angel).
MFAP: "The chrome reflects our image" - "an arm" reflected in the chrome lamp stem, just after the corn! (see 0:04 to 0:07).
Just like MFAP - "the arm" - the one we see eating the corn (garmonbozia) in the FWWM ending!

Harry S Engel and Harry S Truman. Robert Engels (plural) has been one of Twin Peaks' main writers.

In 1945 Engel moved to Ventura (Cali.) and sold advertising for KVEN radio, a station he would later end up owning, and the first of many that he'd oversee. It was at KVEN that Engel befriended several men who would later become instrumental in his career. The station's general manager Mort Werner would later go on to join NBC as the producer of the "Today" show, and the first successful run of "The Tonight Show" with original host Jack Parr. He became senior VP for programming and talent in 1962. Under his watch over the next 10 years, NBC would produce several runaway hits including "Bonanza" and "Laugh-In" and "I Spy", the first series to feature a black actor in a prominent role. Werner is also fondly remembered by fans of "Star Trek" as the man who single-handedly saved that show at its inception.

Twin "Peyton Place" Peaks
Here's where it all gets even more fucked-up! Kuam Radio launch, March 14, 1954.
On the net you'll find folk who compare combover duo - Wally 'Guam' George with Don 'nuclear Guam/Delorean' Trump!
I think Wally looks more like Biff "BTTF 2" Tannen, but then that doesn't really help matters, either! :)
Biff "The Tower" Trump or Donald "The Tower" Tannen?

Rebecca "Wally George/Harry Dean Stanton" de Mornay. She film debuted via Coppola/Dean Stanton in "One From the Heart" (1981). Stanton (aka Carl "abducted" Rodd/Fat Trout) was her real-life partner (of sorts) at the time, after parting they remained close friends. She's recently been seen in (fallen angel resonant) TV series Lucifer. How come Rebecca's father (Wally "Hot Seat/Guam Radio" George) denies ANY Guam/Kuam links when it's documented on record!? Wally George's wiki page is completely absent of any of these Kuam/Guam details. Why does Rebecca not want anything to do with her father - she did publicly call him a bigamist, but is there more to it? All very, odd.

Rebecca de Mornay was a relatively successful actress during the 80s and 90s. (Risky Business/Backdraft).
A big hit for her was - "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" - playing a Peyton (Mrs Mott) trying to take someone's place.
In this film she stars opposite Ernie "Twin Peaks/Col. Davis" Hudson, he played (simple minded hero) Solomon.
Twin Peaks' Jane Jones (the school teacher, from the pilot and film) also features in "The Hand That Rocked..."
De Mornay also played Wendy Torrence in the TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining.
The Shining's (film) Tony "Rocky" Burton played Col. Riley in Twin Peaks (S2).

Lynch (at one time, 1977-87) was the brother-in-law (to the married couple) - Sissy "Carrie/Stephen King" Spacek and Jack "Carrie/Eraserhead/Lynch" Fisk - through his 2nd marriage to Mary Fisk. David has known Jack "Eraserhead/Man in the Planet" Fisk since childhood. Jack has acted as an 'art director/production designer' on many Lynch films, and he was also notably the 'art director' on De Palma's version of King's (first book to film) - Carrie (1976). Sissy "Carrie/Straight Story" Spacek (Fisk) financially and technically assisted on Eraserhead (1977). Her financial help ultimately led to the film being completed and released. Carrie's film mother was Piper "Catherine Martell" Laurie. Spacek also memorably played the wife of Jim Garrison in Stone's "JFK". Twin Peaks' - Sarah "Grace Zabriskie" Palmer's own sister Jane Caplinger, actually worked as a typist in New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s office. Grace Zabriskie was also closely associated with Kerry "Oswald" Thornley.

Some mad interconnectedness and bonkers overlaps - but I'm not sure what it all means (if anything) yet!

We saw the "777" motif in S3 (reel above) - and a specific 777 machine with zigzag/lightning lodge influence (below).

The "USS Indianapolis Museum" had its grand opening on 7 July 2007 - a "777" (zigzag/lightning tree) encode.

Ship's Captain Charles B. McVay III, survived the sinking and was among those rescued days later.
In Nov. 1945, he was court-martialled and convicted of "hazarding his ship by failing to zigzag " - the orders were to zigzag .

The USS Indianapolis - a ship that has just recently gated-crashed our own reality! (thanks to anon).
After 72 years - this only happened last month - 18th Aug 2017!
Paul "Microsoft" Allen - Mr. VULCAN (cough, cough). See his Vulcan Inc. philanthropy company.
Paul Allen/Alien. A keen interest in Grays/Greys - the elephant. Vulcanism also links to volcanoes (Lemuria etc).
His current "Vulcan" homepage flicks between the "USS Indianapolis" and the "elephant" (gray)
- see his website ! Note the grey/gray sharks too. :)
The USS Indianapolis tale is famously told by Quint (Shaw) in Steven 'Close (Alien) Encounters' Spielberg's "Jaws".
Indiana(polis) Jones, anyone? Recall the "nuke fridge" as shown earlier.
Jaws 'USS Indianapolis' - a tale told to Richard "Close Encounters" Grey-fuss and Roy '2010: Contact/Floyd' Scheider.
The "gray/grey" attacks the boat very soon after this speech. Ellen Brody was played by Lorraine Gary (Gray, anag.), Wife of Sid "Universal" Sheinberg. IMDB - "Sheinberg is famously wanted to change the name of "Back to the Future" to "Space Man From Pluto" though the movie has nothing to do with outer space, spacemen, or the dwarf planet Pluto." (Wink, wink!).

" Cage  goes into the water ... Sharks in the water."
Yup ... it's "Cage" in the water (literally) and with (grey white) sharks. 2016/17 release "USS Indianapolis". :)
Nic "Wild at (Aliens) Heart/(Alien) Knowing" Cage. Directed by Mario "Jaws 4/bomb shark" Van Peebles.
With Thomas "Deep Blue (Gray Shark) Sea" Jane, and Tom "Twin Peaks" Sizemore.
Production by Hannibal Classics - a link to the "elephant /gray". Cage's former wife Arquette, was in Lynch's Lost Highway.

The Close Encounters "alien grey's mothership" actually briefly plays the "Jaws theme" at Devils Tower.
"Jaws" was inspired via "Montauk" - an area associated with "the project, chair and alien greys" (see Preston Nichols).
The Jaws boat was called "Orca" - the whale (usually grey) and also acting as a Moby Dick/Ahab tie-in.
Montauk - The Great (Grey) White and The (Greys and Nuclear Quint's Stern Fighting) Chair.
Quint's Montauk quote is given from the chair.
Don't forget that Quint's boating companions are "Close Encounters" Dreyfuss and "2010:Contact" Scheider.
Parts for the "Little Boy" Hiroshima bomb left on the "USS Indianapolis" within hours of the Trinity blast.

In our nuclear reality - "Jumbo" would've been somewhere in this actual shot - just 800 yards from Trinity's epicentre.

According to occult investigators James Shelby Downard and William N Grimstad, on July 16 1945 at the Trinity Site in New Mexico, the first atomic bomb explosion was accompanied by a huge steel 'bottle' code-named 'Jumbo', which weighed nearly one-half million pounds. Jumbo was 25 feet long and 12 feet in diameter: it had been custom built at an eastern steel mill and expensively shipped by a 64 wheeler trailer. Groves spent $12 million on Jumbo.
Downard/Hoffman asserts that the government has never given a remotely reasonable explanation for Jumbo.
(Note: It was allegedly made to contain the bomb - in the event that the core chain reaction failed, but where the secondary (initial) explosive could've still blasted plutonium all around. This was however abandoned and Jumbo was situated 800 yards from the ground zero epicentre.)
Downard believed that Jumbo contained what Crowley had called 'The Mannikin' - an inanimate body which was inundated with nuclear energy, thus producing a real homunculus, a goal of medieval alchemy.
 Are there overlaps with 'nuclear Jumbo /Babalon Mother of Abominations/Homunculus here?
We hear "radio type static" when (Japanese, nuclear resonant) Naido pulls the lever.
Nuclear Trinity Jumbo was mounted on a tower (see pic). Cooper is holding on to something similar (above left).
The lever pulling leads us next to the "American woman". (America/Japan).
Above, Ronette "my mother's coming" Pulaski (Augustine) who was also a "whore" (of Babylon) in Twin Peaks.
Bob appears to have been incarnated through "the experiment" (bubbling cloud) - the name given to the entity (above right).
If there's any truth to Parsons' "Trinity/Jumbo/homunculus" tale, then a "magickal experiment " is how you'd describe it!
Dossier - one of Parsons' closest friends (an unnamed science-fiction writer) had called him "an American Byron". The man is also said to have used the following quote in relation to Parsons' death, "Once a magician stands between two worlds, he's in danger of not belonging to either one of them." The unnamed sci-fi writer could be Hubbard, Heinlein or Bradbury, all of whom were known to Parsons.
"One Saliva Bubble" (see Lynch's unrealized passion project) and "One Silva Bubble" (Demon Bob, Frank Silva).
From John Carpenter's :The (Satanic/Subatomic) Prince of Darkness" (1987) - Donald "The Preist" Pleasance:
"He lives in the smallest parts of the atoms. Smaller, invisible. He lives in all of the sum of its parts."
Nuclear Demonics - the (plutonium) "Demon core" aspect in respect of the Manhattan Project.
Safety issues with the "plutonium core(s)" (Manhattan Project) led to them being given the "demon core" appellation.

"Atom Heart Mother" - Atoms, The Beast (animal) and Mother (of Abominations/Babalon).
Recall 'Animal/Beast Mother (his whore) and his atomic Oppenheimer helmet' in "Full Metal Jacket".
Pink "A (Flying) Saucer Full of Secrets" Floyd. Nuclear Kubrick wanted to use LP's title track in A Clockwork "666" Orange.

Glastonbury (Grove), Arthur - The Holy Grail. Scarlet Red Room , Laura - the sacred whore riding the beast (Bob).

Jumbo (Victorian Elephant) - the source of the actual word term.
Lynch's The (Victorian, Grey) Elephant Man - played by John "Alien" Hurt.
"The giant (grey) elephant's name has spawned the common word, "jumbo", meaning large in size."
During the writing of this post - this "Jumbo" item got dropped via BBC's Attenborough.
Jumbo (the elephant) would spawn the Disney character and feature film Dumbo (aka Jumbo Jnr).
Produced by Disney and released by J P Kennedy's (JFK's father) "RKO Radio Pictures" - US release was Hallowe'en 1941.
The FLYING elephant grey with "big ears". A Tim Burton remake is currently in production/filming for 2019.

The OSU SETI program gained fame on August 15, 1977 when Jerry Ehman, a project volunteer, witnessed a startlingly strong signal received by the "Big Ear" telescope. Dale "Big Ears/Dune Muad'dib" Cooper.
Bob "Extraterrestrial" Gray and Jerry "Big Ear" Ehman - "Wow! signal". Twin "space/woods message" Peaks.
("One and the same" - is also a direct reference to the "giant" being able to occupy bodies.)
You may recall that the "ear" was a "big" feature of the Cooper/dwarf/Laura's red room dream sequence, the kiss too.
"Velveteen Dune Peaked Dreams"
Coop (Jeffrey, Blue Velvet) sent to (Red Room/Black Lodge Bob) Hell - in dreams and with a kiss (lipstick).
Ear, Ear. Blue "Twin Peaks/Dream Ear" Velvet or Twin "Blue Velvet/In Dreams Ear" Peaks?
In Dune Dreams - "They will call me 'Muad'dib' - the big eared (dream/vision) mouse in the second moon.

"In the ear dreams" with Muad'dib/Cooper. The "Big Eared" dreaming sleeper - must awaken, literally!
Yes, quite literally!
Sleeper/Dreamer Laura's death! See her "waking" ring dream, below.
Their "shared" dreams/visions with rings - Twin Peaks/Cooper and "dreaming" Laura, and Dune "dreamer" Muad'dib.

"Tw-in-Bruges Peaks" - The Dance/Film of the Dream Midget/Red Dwarf Men. :)
Twin "dream sequence" - red dwarf/midget men. Farrell even references the "Time Bandits" (dwarf).
Don't Look (Red Dwarf) Now...Nicholas "(Bowie) Man Who Fell to Earth" Roeg - Donald "red dwarf" Sutherland.

'Don't Look Now' Sutherland's son, Kiefer featured in "FWWM" - Sam "Lil' Red Girl" Stanley (Lil' - can mean little).
Lil' Red Girls/Ladies via the Sutherlands
Twin "Red Dwarf Dreams" Peaks - In "Red Dwarf Dreams" Bruges

In Bruges. Said by Ken - to Ralph "Schindler's (little red girl) List" Fiennes - aka the "little boy" killer.

Red Dwarves (and red riding hoods) to Giants - Jumbo/Dumbo and Elephants
Dumbo (Jumbo/Elephant) - with (Atomic) Colin "Fat Man/Little Boy" Farrell - see "In Bruges" (below).
The "Fat Man" and "Jumbo" (Elephants)
Little Boy (via a Harry) and the Trinity (priest in church). The film is set over Christ-mas.
The Little Dwarf/Little Boy. The dwarf goes with the whore (Babylon), there's even a pregnant woman angle.
It's Finn McGovern (Hinds), who also gets shot in "Road to Perdition" - he worked for Paul "Fat Man" Newman!
Hinds went "nuclear" in "The Sum of All Fears" - with James "Green Mile/Nuclear warp drive" Cromwell.

Not a "Nuclear shot", but a "Slap Shot"!
Paul "Fatman/Manhattan Project Groves" Newman vs Michael "Harry S 'Little Boy' Truman" Ontkean.
With Coopers and Chiefs - Ontkean's mother was a "Cooper" (name).
From Paul "Fat Man" Newman to Jose "Fat Man" Ferrer - with Harry S "Little Boy" Truman.
Above, Little Boy meets Fat Man via David Lynch. But they've met before...
"Got a light?" I bet you weren't expecting that - related pun intended!  A "777" encode too.
The very first episode (out of 112) of "Tales of the Unexpected" - UK television.

Dougie "owl cave ring/alien gray" Milford was also stationed at White Sands (Trinity site) in 1945.
Milford was also at Roswell in 1947 during the time of the incident.
Twin Peaks - The Secret History. Parsons/Crowley and Devil's Gate.
Babalon Parsons. Babylon (Babalon) arguably and literally translates as " Gate of God " (babilum).
Saturn / Satan - the ruler of the sign of Capricorn (the goat). The Gate Goat of God. "1947 Bowie" was a Capricorn.

Cooper: "An opening to a gateway ..."

Devil's Gate (Arroyo Seco). Note the "goat-like" devil's head/horn/ear/chin/nose etc - in profile.
Parsons' first liquid rocket test at Devil's Gate on Hallowe'en 1936 - reciting Crowley's' Hymn to Pan 'sodomite poem (phallic rockets to the moon). It is alleged that Crowley considered Devils Gate to be one of the Seven Portals to Hell. JPL formed on Hallowe'en and the site was situated close to Arroyo Seco, Devil's Gate. Every year on Hallowe'en JPL stage a nativity scene (on site) using (cough, cough) " mannequins   of the founders" - Parsons, Malina etc. Devil's Gate Dam is a " watergate " - so there is probably a further Nixon linked tie-in there. Parsons/Nixon also being both linked to the ring.

"Devil Gate Drive" - ​​Suzi "Happy Days" Quatro
"Hey, you all want to go down to Devil Gate Drive? Well, come on! Welcome to 'The Dive '!
I led the angel pack on the road to sin. Down in Devil Gate Drive. "(Dive/water).

Suzi "Devil Gate" Quatro is the "aunt" of Sherilyn "Audrey Horne" Fenn!
Fenn's mother is the keyboard player Arlene Quatro, her aunt is singer Suzi Quatro, her grandfather Art Quatro was a jazz musician, and her father, Leo Fenn, managed bands such as Suzi Quatro's The Pleasure Seekers, and Alice Cooper, and The Billion Dollar Babies.

We we're informed by Dr Hayward that (post-Glastonbury possessed) Cooper, was seen around Audrey (post bank explosion) in the hospital. Cooper soon then disappears. It is perhaps a hint towards some kind of interference (in respect of Audrey) on Cooper's part. Cooper visited with Major Briggs too (soon after the grove experience), as we're informed.

The Convenience Store - FWWM. Place of the "ring".
Two actors from the movie's convenience store scene (Prochnow/Bay) also appear together in another movie.
Sam "the Woodsman who met the devil" Lanterman - the husband of the (Captain's) Log Lady, who was "UFO abducted".
John "They (elite grey aliens) Live" Carpenter's - In the Mouth of Madness. The last in Carpenter's apocalypse trilogy.
The Love-craft-ian "Old Ones". "Black Lodging" and "Black Churching" with "The Old Ones" and Jurgen.
Frances Bay is also linked by a "moving picture" in both films!
Text below (In the Mouth of Madness) sounds just like "Black Lodge" (Twin Peaks). Black Church (old ones) gateway.
A similar 'gateway' set-up is seen in John "Starman" Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness" (see ending with mirror) -
Sam "ITMOM" Neill played the 'Prince of Darkness' in Omen 3. ITMOM - he stars with David 'Omen/Twin Peaks' Warner.

''Originally, there was an old stone church built on this site in 1788, but the BLACK CHURCH swallowed up the old sanctuary the way it has swallowed our minds. Now there is nothing left of what is our Lord and Saviour above the front door. Some believe the old sanctuary still exists somewhere trapped in this evil edifice. Its primeval inhabitants were a murderous race of creatures whose vile existence contaminated time itself...affecting history with their sadistic wickedness."

ITMOM was the final instalment of Carpenter's (Lovecraftian) 'Apocalypse Trilogy', coming after Prince of Darkness. 
It all began with "The (UFO) Thing".

From one black church to the next. Compare some of the following with Twin "atomic/subatomic evil" Peaks.
John Carpenter's - Prince of (Satanic Green) Darkness

Donald "The Preist" Pleasance:
"He lives in the smallest parts of the atomsSmallerinvisible. He lives in all of the sum of its parts."

Quantum (Subatomic) & Atomic Theory. Mystery, Babylon - The Mother of Harlots and Abominations.
Atomic/Subatomic - Mystery, Babylon, Mother(s) of Harlots and Abominations?
Ronette (the harlot/whore) - referencing her mother - Mystery, Babylon/Babalon.
Plutonium (see further below), Alien-hybrid Christ, Father of Satan, A Female Anti-Christ (Saturn/Satan).
Revelation 12. 1) A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2) She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. (above, she is marked with a Saturn symbol).
Prince of Darkness - It is the female RADIOLOGIST that is first infected by the raining down green liquid.
"The container was buried somewhere in the Middle East eons ago by... It gets a little wild here...
the father of Satan, a god who once walked the earth before man, but was somehow banished to the dark side.
Apparently, the father buried his son inside the container. This was the section someone was trying to erase.
Now later on here, Christ comes to warn us. He was of extraterrestrial ancestry, but a human-like race.
Finally, they determine Christ is crazy, but he's also gaining power converting a lot of people to his beliefs, so they kill him.
But his disciples keep the secret and hide it from civilization...until man could develop a science sophisticated enough to prove what Christ was saying."

Babylon - can literally translate as "gate of God".

NOTE - am still working on Prince of Darkness - this part is still incomplete.

Parsons, Devils Gate, Alien Greys and UFOs - via Richard "electrical lineman" Dreyfuss/Greyfuss.
Spielberg's "Close UFO Encounters" (1977) concerned " Devil's Tower", mother ships and alien greys/grays.
Close Encounters featured actor Lance "Aliens/X-Files" Henriksen, heading Close Encounters with (devilish) Omen 2!

"The Devilish One."
On page 250, at the Parsonage, Parsons mutters, "The magician longs to see ..." and comments that he is often felt "there were spirits in this wood ..."
The phrase "The magician longs to see ..." is part of the "Fire Walk With Me" poem (spoken by Mike in Episode 2: "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer"). "Spirits in this wood" is both likely a link to the wood's literal spirits - hence 'Ghostwood', and also the Log Lady's log and the entrapment of Josie's spirit in the wood of the Great Northern. (The Secret History).

One of 'magician' Parsons' arms (his right) was torn-off in the mercury explosion (fire) that allegedly killed him.
'Magician' referencing Black Lodge Mike (Twin Peaks) is the entity that got his arm (his left) torn-off.
Twin Peaks featured "incest" (father daughter).
It has been alleged that after Parsons' death, an 8mm film was found of him and his mother having sex (incest).
Mike (one armed man/Gerard) claimed to formerly have an "arm tattoo" that referenced - "MOM" (mother) via the series.
In his "Magician" speech/epiphany (which is also an aspect of Cooper's dream), Mike implies that it said "Fire Walk With Me."

Parsons ran the OTO Agape Lodge (Pasadena).
Parsons' ties to the world of science fiction did not stop with (Babalon Working colleague) L Ron Hubbard: his influence on Ray Bradbury and Robert Heinlein is well known in science fiction circles. Parsons himself was inspired by sci-fi writer Jack Williamson writer of Darker Than You Think.

Black Lodge
"Electricity ..."
Electricity and Dreams - via Philip Jeffries/David Bowie and the "Convenience Store"

"Electric Dreamers" - Harold "Twin Peaks/FWWM" Smith and Virginia "Lynch's Dune" Madsen

Dune/Electric Dreams, Madsen featured in both of these 1984 releases.

 One 'Electric Dreaming Philip' to the next! From Twin "Dream" Peaks "to" Electric Dreams "The Tube aka TV.
To round off in a "synchronistic" manner - tomorrow (Sept 17th) sees UK CH4 launch a Philip K Dick (sci-fi) anthology.
My blog name "Horselover Phat" (sic) is named in respect of PK Dick (see Valis) - this new series just happen to be debuting on my birthday! :)

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Recent "RELATED" news saw Trump call (nuclear) Kim Jung Un - ROCKET MAN.
"Suicide" was mentioned too. Parsons' rocketry team was called the "suicide squad" (due to the associated dangers).
Trump ties-in to "Back to the Future 2" (see earlier work), Gremlins (Clamp/Trump 'end of the world') 2, and (unfortunately) King's/Cronenerg's - "The Dead (nuclear/presidential candidate Stillson) Zone." Martin (West Wing President/Apocalypse Now) Sheen played Stillson.

Stillson was Trump - even before Trump was "presidential candidate Trump" ... watch the movie.

Trump is the "people's" POTUS (like Stillson) and one who has been noted to "tweet/rant" in the early hours of the morning - a la Pyjamas Stillson! Stillson is ultimately stopped by Johnny "Alien Gray Communion / Walken" Smith, it also stars Tom "Alien" Skerritt.

Harry S (Nuclear / Manhattan) Truman vs Donald (Nuclear / Manhattan) Trump - Fire and Fury

Note how "nuclear Japan" is also an aspect of both.

Guam has also been a factor in recent "nuclear" reality.
The very place Dougie "Twin Peaks" Milford was stationed before (nuclear) Los Alamos.

Departing hours after the Trinity blast ...
The ship that delivered the "Little Boy" bombs (parts) and which then left Guam (before sinking).
The recently found "nuclear resonant" ship - USS Indianapolis.

Vegas (Vega) Shooting

My recent response/comment (in the section here) encapsulates most of what I think regarding this event.

Horselover Phat - 6 October 2017 at 13:41

Hey anon - I just KNEW I heard that "Mandalay" term only just prior to Vegas! I recall Boris Johnson's gaff only a couple of weeks back. It has been bugging me a little, many thanks for reminding me where. Johnson has dual British/US citizenship.

I have DELIBERATELY not written about Vegas (Vega) - the last time I did was when the "777" plane was on fire there, a year or two back (Luxor in the background). My cup of incredulity (regarding these shooting events) long ran over. All taking place within the shadow/vicinity of the Luxor pyramid and obelisk. It was called "HARVEST" 91 (cough, cough) - and all happening on exactly the SAME day as the "MONARCH" collapse (UK airline, and mind control related).
(I've covered "Monarch" mind/mass mind control extensively on this blog, and in relation to mass shootings!)

Vegas Mass Shooting and Monarch (collapse)
UK newspapers showed the 'Vegas shooter' and 'Monarch' (airline) collapse on the same front page! We were shown the 'perp' in pictures and it was primarily the shot of him with his "eyes closed" (sleeper theme etc).
How come nothing is now being said about the woman that was telling everyone that they were going to die - and some 45 minutes before it began? Orwell memory holed? This might even be as bad as the "The Big Fix/Fix It Here" Orlando fake-out!

Re: Johnson/Mandalay - he recited it back in January (I just looked it up), but the news item was mentioned only about a week ago, on the cusp of the shooting. Oddly timed (and resonant) news item hitting the public domain, wouldn't you say? Didn't know about the poem's link to Oz and the lion. I'm not familiar with Kipling's poem, but it seems "charged" in respect of Vegas - so thanks.

These really are the craziest times! Thanks.

7th Oct 2017
See This! - a section from a post I made more than two years ago, as written (save one pic), and relating to Vegas.
From my (July - Sept) 2015 post - "Mysteries of 777 - MH370 - 777 MH17 and other 777 phenomena update."

This just in...9th September! (2015)
Another 777....and this one situated directly in front of a major 'mystery religion' symbol.
The pyramid aka The Luxor Hotel. 14 people injured 7+7.

The pyramid/capstone...symbol of the on-going 'Great Work' and the Illuminati's master symbol.
The Luxor (from lux, light).  777 author Crowley (and OTO) relates to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, its teachings went on to heavily influence OTO.

Added 7 Oct 17. (Keep in mind the 'Monarch airline collapse' meme from the same day/timeframe).
"HARVEST" 91 - The gathered crowd were shot at from the Mandalay on land in front/close to the pyramid.

Adam "Illuminati/(1)777" Weishaupt
 Lux/Light aka Illumination...Adam 'I'm Spartacus' Weishaupt.

777 in (gambling) Vegas makes synchronistic you can see! Vega/Vegas also evoking the star system.
That was the Vegas reference. Read the 2015 post if you want to see the context and larger post body.

Dale "Mr Jackpots" Cooper - Vegas Casino 777.

Uncle Bingo is back with a "Big Bang" - he's found the original "Mr Vegas 777 Jackpots!" :)
A top find from the "full house" Bingo man - very appropriate in this context really. Well done, Sir.

Carpenter's 'Starman Jeff Bridges ' vs Lynch's 'Twin Peaks MacLachlan/Coop' - The 777 Jackpot Men.
Both are mere "shells" - idiot-like yet with supernatural power. There's even body cloning/regeneration overlaps.

Vega(s) Starmen - who both fell through space to earth and became "777 Vegas Mr Jackpots"
The Las Vegas Silver Mustang and Las Vegas Horseshoe
John "They Live" Carpenter's Starman (with Mr Jackpots Bridges) was released the same week as David "Twin Peaks" Lynch's Dune (with Paul aka Mr Jackpots Coop/MacLachlan) in 1984.
2010:TYWMC was released the week before. Starman - the "holding hands" and being led around like a child also evokes Watts and Jackpots Coop. A cadillac link too (see end of clip), Dougie Jackpots takes a stretch-limo Caddy ride home.

Meg "Carpenter's They Live" Foster - is the one who gives Jackpots Coop his change/coins at the casino.
They Live's double-crossing mole (a human in league with the aliens) and Cable 54 assistant director.
Twin "Alien Greys" Peaks - They "Alien Greys" Live.

Twin Peaks - Starman
Regenerative and degenerative (clones) with magic floating silver/gold spheres/balls.
Bring in Twin Peaks' - David "Starman 777 lightning struck" Bowie. :)


  1. Amazing stuff. The most recent london pail pyro "bomb" looked fishy from the get go, like all the rest. As soon as I saw the red head with that joke of a bandage job, I knew it was phony or staged. The was paraded around, not taken in an ambulance. I got some stuff on Bowie/Man who fell to earth I'd like to run by you and maybe you can further decode?

    1. Yes, it all seemed very "forced". I was onto the "Crowley" thing (via Mar-k Rowley) even BEFORE they wheeled out Peter Crowley. My jaw dropped a little (linked pun intended) when they then next wheeled out "Peter". My incredulity was stretch beyond any form of reason.

      Thanks. Feel free to drop any of your thoughts. :)

    2. I can't figure out how to email you, so I'll write here.

      I found an IMDB archive, since IMDB destroyed the forums this year (thanks Bezos..a.sshole.)

      My username is DaveBowman2001

      I'm not as gifted and educated about this stuff as you are, but I've been learning over the last few years. I'm interested if you ever analyzed this movie and saw the same things and more. I only saw it last year for the first time. IT was hard to come by. It's unrelated to this topic a bit. I've also written extensively on Inherent Vice if you're a fan of that movie.

      If/when you have time, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's not a long read.

    3. Sorry for the delay...I will try to respond soon. At the moment I'm up to my eyeballs with this writing stuff!!! :)

  2. Synchronistic mystic-Horse lover Fat. Good to se you synching. 87

    1. Hi Dennis...good to see you here. Sometimes I am "forced" into writing and this was one of those times. :)

  3. The unidentified "Redhead" ?

    1. Hi, thanks for the link. I will check it out. Will get back to you. Thanks.

    2. You're welcome! I'm not convinced that I had found out who "our" redhead really is, but I found this link in the comment section of another blogger I occasionally read.
      After that I opened your blog feeling that you might have posted something about this obvious bucket&the redhead joke.

  4. Bonjour.

    "I am the EYE IN THE SKY"...Alan PARSONS worked on Pink Floyd's album "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON". P.K. Dick's novel "EYE IN THE SKY" starts with an explosion.

    (Bon anniversaire)

    1. Bonjour back at you, JP.

      Thanks for those "connects" - now you've made me think of Austin Powers and his "moon based" Alan Parsons laser project. Turning the moon into a "death star" etc. :)

      Merci beaucoup.

  5. Mixed bullcrap hoping the result would be interesting. Epic fail.

    1. Thanks for an accurate description of the Parsons Green bucket bomb. :)

  6. Hey HP, Harry Dean Stanton was in The GREEN Mile, a movie that syncs across a lot of your posts. The movie also has a (separate) character called Dean Stanton, and of course its a Steven King story, and all of this happening on the release of IT. I think Sam Rockwell was in it too...

    1. Hi, I've still not seen "The Green Mile" - I very nearly caught it a few months ago, but it fell by the wayside. I really must give it a watch. "Green Mile" Hanks is another heavily tied to the "moon". Thanks for the details and I will give it a look-over. Yes, Stanton and King - Stanton also featured in Carpenter's version of King's (resurrecting) Christ-ine. Thanks again.

    2. That Trinitite stuff is interesting. Hermes "discovered Trinitite 1 mile from the Trinity test", I wonder if this is the green mile. Harry Dean Stanton literally was the "test" case in the green mile, that was his role, they got him to walk the mile as a rehearsal for a later execution in the electric chair. Later on Sam Rockwell (more moon!) calls out to him "Give me some of that Moon pie". Those are basically his only parts.

      I now wonder if this is why Trinity's Matrix is Green, green for the Matrix.

      Harry Dean Stanton seems to have a lot of desert related themes don't you think?

      BTW, David Morse from Contact was also in The Green Mile playing Brutus to John Coffee's Jesus, and in TGM, the movies main character is narrating the story to "Ellie".

    3. Another aspect of The Green Mile that syncs this thread is the electric chair itself (like the chair that Ellie had to use in Contact).

      In TGM, one of the major plot points is where Percy doesn't put the sponge on top of the victims head, thereby prolonging his death. Earlier, when Harry Dean Stanton was "testing" the "device" they make a point of explaining how the sponge "fires the electricity into the victims head like a bullet". This is the very mechanism that the original atomic bombs used to detonate the device. Surely this is an intentional metaphor!

      Also, I just remembered that James Cromwell (TGM) was the guy that invented Warp Drive in Star Trek: First Contact. He literally created the first Warp Drive (star gate) spaceship out of an old nuclear missile!!!!

    4. James Cromwell was also the character in Deep Impact around which the "ELE/Ellie" plot point unravels... yikes!

    5. He was also in an episode of the TV show "Jake and the FATMAN"

    6. In Contact, Ellie climbs into the chair in the "sphere" inside the 3 ringed device. The 3 ringed device is clearly a metaphor for the atom, Ellie/EL in the atom, i.e. the God particle.

      In the (green) Matrix, they can only enter the matrix by climbing into the "chair" and having (presumably) electricity fired into their heads!!!


    7. Side note on this, Nicola Tesla, played by David Bowie in The Prestige - the most famous image of Tesla is him sitting in a chair surrounded by the Tesla coil and electricity.

    8. Tom Hanks was originally intended to play James Cromwell's role in Star Trek First Contact.

    9. Re: Anonymous 20 September 2017 at 23:26.

      Hi, yes I did see that "Green Mile/Star Trek First Contact" link with James Cromwell, I very nearly added it!!! A "Contact" actor (Morse) and "First Contact" actor (Cromwell) in the same film. Star Trek First Contact is the film that references "AE35" (comms unit) from Kubrick's 2001:ASO! 2001 author Clarke (see Space Guard) is the real author of Deep Impact, he was miffed that he didn't get a credit!

      Some great info here and your other comments - the chairs (Contact, TGM and Matrix) etc. "Contacts" are (in one aspect) also points for electrical charge transference etc. Many thanks and keep them coming. :)

    10. I rewatched the Star Trek scene, and it's an interesting compilation - the rocket/missile is up in space attempting to reach warp speed for the first time, specifically to attract the attention of the "Vulcans", like your BTTF scene. Whilst this is happening, Picard is fighting the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) who's head has all the electrical components coming out the back similarly to the Matrix. And the whole Borg scene and the queens death is awash with Green/Green Plasma. The whole film is also set on the backdrop of a Nuclear WWIII.

      Alice Krige also syncs heavily here with The O.A., which also featured the "chair", the electrodes to the head and the crossing over to the other side.

      If you saw The O.A, you should also watch The Discovery - there's a whole blog post you could do around this subject, where it syncs across the Mara sisters (Rooney/Kate), the bleached hair female protagonist, flatliners, crossing over etc., its very, very interesting...

    11. Oh, almost forgot, during the Borg queen death scene, Picard is strapped to a single chair in the room. Its definitely a common theme to this whole topic!!

    12. Keep it coming "anon" - this is great stuff! :)

      Twin "nuclear" Peaks...was Jacques the FATMAN?

      "Little boy" (Hiroshima bomb). Leland quotes "little boy" in his "do you want to play with fire - little boy?" speech, which occurs after he claims to know Bob ("Have you sen this man" poster). Bob used to flick "matches" at him and say it (matches - "got a light"). Don't forget, Leland goes "grey/gray" (his hair) in the series. There is also a "little boy" magician in the convenience store scene, the same one that we see jumping around Leland at the Blue Diamond Hotel (Mount Si). We first hear this line from Laura (relayed via James). Laura uses the same phrase - "Do you want to play with fire, little boy? Do you want to play with Bob?" Uttered when she talks about the woods to James. James says these lines to Harry S (little boy) Truman!

      The parts for the Hiroshima bomb left the USA within hours of the Trinity blast - on the USS In-diana-polis (Diana/Diane). This vessel was mentioned in Spielberg's Jaws by Quint (Shaw), note the tale was relayed to Richard "Close Encounters" Dreyfuss (Grey-fuss, lol) and Roy "2010:Contact - Floyd" Scheider. Sharks, like elephants are mainly "greys".

      "That GU(A)M you like is going to come back in style".

      The USS Indianapolis was ultimately sunk after leaving GUAM. Guam, linked to Trinity/Grey Milford and our own recent nuclear reality (Trump/Korea), which was only last month!

      Will follow-up further on this comment and your comments soon.

      Many thanks again. I'm really liking this cross-pollination of ideas. :)

    13. This is all starting to come together now - the wreck of the USS Indianapolis was literally only "found" only 6 weeks ago!! Found by none other than Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and founder of VULCAN Inc, and Stratolaunch Systems - a rocket delivery platform! I couldn't believe it when I saw that hitting the news amongst everything else "nuclear" that was going on.

      I guess, like Musk, Paul Allen must have an enormous amount of spare time to be doing things like raking the sea floor for old ships, only to "co-incidentally find" them at astrotheologically significant times!! :-)

      I'm guessing, but I'd put money on the fact that Simon Peggs "Paul" movie about the alien is a reference to Paul All(i)en!

      I totally forgot that Scheider and Dreyfuss were together in Jaws (which has the "Fighting Chair" as the back of the boat where Jaws eventually takes Quint)! In First Contact, there are repeated references to Moby Dick as Captain Picard/Captain Ahab. Jaws is essentially Moby Dick, and Captain Picard does his Moby Dick speech at the same time as saying that they "must draw a line here, and fight the Borg", no more falling back. It feels very much like the "red line" speeches we keeping seeing on North Korea.

      Close Encounters is also known as "CONTACT type drie", and another movie (which reference Contact in many ways, is the recent "Arrival" movie (Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner) which is also known as "Premier CONTACT".

      Looking forward to seeing you pull all this together with pictures!

    14. The USS Indianapolis Museum had its grand opening on 7 July 2007 (777). There's always a number play with these things! Mario Van Peebles directed a 2016 movie (Nickolas Cage), based on the Indianapolis sinking, and also starred in Jaws the Revenge (1987).

    15. I just saw The Green Mile. It was showing at the Southbank BFI, London. I absolutely loved it!!! It was just what I needed (some humanity!). I was getting "synched" to hell and back while watching. So many great performances too. :)

      Great work on that "Cage" Indianapolis film - see how I've linked it to Jaws! :)
      I also linked Pat "Picard/First Contact via nuke warp drives" Stewart (from Dune) to the "atomics and fatman" quotes, Dune.

      This shit is completely MAD, but equally as awesome too. :)

      Moby Dick - a whale (many are grey/gray). "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" did the "alien probe/grey whales communication" concept. It also had a nuclear reactor angle to re-power the crew's spaceship. The film is heavily linked to the Vulcan (Spock). Spock/Nimoy co-wrote and directed this film! Ol' Leonard "Body Snatchers" Nimoy. :)

      Guam is linked to USS Indianapolis - it left Guam (after dropping off the Little Boy/Hiroshima parts, and some crew) and was soon torpedoed. Guam was one of the nations threatened by N Korea - Donald "Delorean/BTTF" Trump famously chatted to the president of Guam (several weeks back).

      Dougie Milford was stationed in Guam before going to Los Alamos (Trinity). Twin Peaks (Trinity episode) - also references another date "August 5th 1956" - and precedes scenes which lead to very strange phenomena (got a light, woodsmen/convenience store).

      On the exact same date (August 5th 1956) in OUR reality - KUAM TV channel 8 in Agana, GU (CBS/ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting. Agana (GU) is Agana in GUAM!!!

      Twin Peaks (Trinity episode). The "RADIO-active woodsmen" - one who goes to the "RADIO station" and begins his speech - "this is the water, this is the well...". A speech that makes the townsfolk pass-out.

      Thanks for all your valuable contributions! :)

    16. Re: chairs. You mentioned the Quint boat chair. Jaws (and author Benchley) tie-in to Montauk (Moon-talk), and I do know of the "Montauk (alien/psychic) Chair" - see Preston "Star Wars" Nichols and Peter Moon (yes, Moon!).

    17. Hey HP, brace yourself! Get on YouTube and search for "Team America Hans Blix Sharks".

      Yep, Hans Blix, the Nuclear Inspector, visits the leader of North Korea, and then gets dumped into the shark tank. That - you could not make up!!

    18. Also just wanted to add, that Jaws cage scene with Quint and Hooper is epic! It's also another great parallel to Tesla, because the famous image of Tesla on the chair depicts a large Faraday cage

    19. Hey HP, check this out, David 'Aten/Aton'borough has just announced his new documentary called "Jumbo: The Life Of An Elephant Superstar", "to tell the bittersweet story of the Victorian elephant that inspired the movie Dumbo."

      And its not my intention to make light of this, but it seems relevant, yesterday the worlds heaviest/FATest woman died. She was the 2nd heaviest in record history.

    20. Literally filming right now is a live action film version of "Dumbo", starring Colin Farrell and due for release in 2019. I can link this to "In Brugges" (which believe it or not resonates the Manhattan project) and Flatliners (the line that can't be crossed).

      In Bruges, also with Colin Farrell, has the tower and Jumbo/elephant and "Little Boy/dwarf" that gets "shot/triggered" by Harry (S.Truman)

    21. Tom Hanks has been cast to play the villain in the new Dumbo movie. I'm literally shaking my head in disbelief!!

    22. More awesome stuff, anon. :)

      The Jumbo/Dumbo (flying grey) link is the shit! The links to Lynch/Elephant Man/Jumbo - "ground zero" etc are insane! "In Bruges" - yes, I know it fairly well. I thought it was hilarious! There is a "FAT MAN" element (as well as a schoolboy Dwarf and Little Boy) in "In Bruges" too! The "fat" American "man" who Farrell takes the piss out of - linked to the "tower" climb. :)

      Now watch this following "In Bruges" clip! OMFG!!! :)
      Fat Man (USA) - Elephants (Greys/Grays).

      Colin "Dumbo-Jumbo/flying grey" Farrell. :)

      "In Bruges" - Farrell "punches out" a Canadian couple in a restaurant. The male he punches is actor Željko Ivanek. Ivanek played "Cordell" in Ridley "Alien" Scott's (elephant resonant) "Hannibal" (Silence of the Lams) opposite Gary "Sirius" Oldman and Tony "Elephant/Hannibal Man" Hopkins. Ivanek also featured in the TV movie "Truman".

      Colin "Minority Report/Total Recall" Farrell - Colin "P K Dick" Farrell. Remember Arnie "Total Alien Recall" Schwarzenegger. He had a "Recall" election against someone called GRAY Davis (no, I'm not making this up!). The "pyramid mines", "psychics" and "aliens" (greys). The Republicans (Reps) who happen to have the "elephant" as a symbol.

      That's enough for now. Many thanks again, ANON - you're a legend! :)

    23. Brussels most famous landmark, and I've been to it several times, is the Atomium, an enormous cubic representation of an atom that you can enter, much like Ellie in Contact! It was built for the 1958 World Expo.

      That year (1958), the USSR put on a display of the Worlds first Nuclear powered ice breaker ship, and, 2 days ago (25th September 2017) Russia launched the worlds LARGEST nuclear ice breaker ship. Another strange sync.

      At the International Movie Poll event at the expo, they voted the movie "Mother" as 8th greatest film of all time, which is another coincidence to the modern mother movie, out now. The #1 movie that year was about "Battleship Potemkin", which clearly parallels the Indianapolis!


    24. PS. The elephant scene in In Bruges is the best in the movie! A proper stand out scene, and not really necessary to the plot in any way, so feels quite contrived. I also liked that there were three fatties, or three "cores" to head up the tower, Fat man, little boy and the demon core!

    25. Here's another gem to add to this story. When the trinity test devices were being assembled, the two cores were delivered and signed for by Brigadier General Thomas FARRELL. He was on the Western Front during WWI and very likely in Belgium, and in Guam after the Trinity test to coordinate efforts there.

      Between 1960-64, FARRELL worked on preparations for the 1964 WORLD EXPO/FAIR (see above comment), partially held in MANHATTAN. The Space Age and Atomic Age were two of the major themes of the expo.

      The expo's main attraction was the giant Unisphere installation, which was famously "destroyed" in the Men In Black movie when the spaceship crashes into it.

      The expo featured heavily in the Tomorrowland movie (2015), a movie about DREAMERS (DACA), a bomb and the destruction of the world. Seriously!

      Another Tomorrowland is a music festival in BOOM, BELGIUM!!

    26. In the Tomorrowland movie, Caseey, the main character wears Toy Story Woody's (Tom Hanks) belt, throughout the film!

    27. ... and, when Casey goes into the store looking for information, the stores name is "BLAST from the past", the same as the one Marty enters in BTTF2

    28. It's just occurred to me that the Eraserhead/BTTF headless photo has another sublinal sync going on right now. You might read about the amateur submariner Peter Madsen that's accused of murdering the journalist Kim Wall by DECAPITATING her on the submarine and dumping her body at sea. His submarine, named Nautilus is an obvious link to Captain Nemo/Nautilus, and the whale (Nemo was a character on mission of vengeance, just like Ahab).

      Peter Madsen is also the founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals, the worlds only crowd-funded SPACE PROGRAM, literally building rockets!!

      Kim Wall, the murdered woman was awarded the Hansel Mieth Prize for Best Digital Reportage for "Exodus", a work that analyses the nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands.

      Also, Patrick Stewert played Captain Nemo in a TV movie in 2005 (Mysterious Island).

      Insane connections!

    29. Plus submarines are missile delivery platforms...

    30. Bryan Singer is currently working on a remake of 20,000 leagues under the sea.

      Finding Nemo, the Pixar movie, contains underwater sea mines (for submarine defence), Marlin (Nemo's dad) gets taken into a submarine by 3 sharks, and when he's captured in the dentists fish tank, Nemo gets nicknamed "shark bait". Marlin and Dory both get swallowed by a whale at one point. Finding Dory stars Sigourney "Alien mother" Weaver, and Idris "Alien crucifiction (prometheus)" Elba.

      The Mission Impossible movies (starring Simon "Star Trek Scotty" Pegg) are also known as NEMOguca Misija.

      BTTF has its major plot piece of the "Enchantment (20,000 Leagues) Under The Sea" dance.


    31. I wonder if Singer's 20,000 Leagues is going to have any kind of masonic rainbow connection, with a 42 or 237 showing up somewhere in it. Only because each of the other movies mentioned have at least one. Finding Nemo has a very memorable 42 in it, Sigourney Weaver has a couple 237s with the first two ALIEN movies, and Back to the Future 2 has its right before Marty talks with Charles 'Nightmare on Elm St' Fleischer.
      There's a couple of prominent 42s in Nightmare on Elm St to connect to that, so if pedo Singer's 20,000 Leagues has any of the sort, you could easily then bring in the third Nightmare on Elm St movie: Dream Warriors.
      Dream Warriors features a bar named "Little Nemo's," the name coming from the Winsor McCay comics.

  7. Very good article,

    Miguel Jose Ferrer (secret agent Albert in twin peaks) died on 1-19-2017(rip)
    He pulled Gordon Cole out of the portal/vortex, note his second name José.
    Ferrer played a super-villain called "The Weatherman" in the failed 1997 TV pilot, Justice League of America. Later in the same year, he provided the voice for a similar character, the Weather Wizard, in the Sup erman: The Animated Series episode "Speed Demons"
    Before becoming an actor, Ferrer was a successful studio musician who played drums in a variety of bands, and toured with his mother and the late Bing Crosby, and recorded with Keith Moon on Two sides of the moon.

  8. Oh,and He was the cousin of actor George Clooney (Who enjoys Just like Coop, a good cup of coffee )

  9. Another Twin Peaks actor Who died this year is Michael Parks(rip)
    Hè died on May 9th 2017 at the age of 77
    He played French-Canadian drug runner Jean Renault in Twin Peaks and Texas Ranger Earl McGraw in From Dusk till Dawn.

    Earl McGraw and his son Edgar McGraw are two fictional characters played by Michael Parks and James Parks. They appear in several feature films by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, including the From Dusk till Dawn franchise, Kill Bill: Volume 1, and in various works from the Grindhouse project. Despite being killed off in his first appearance in From Dusk till Dawn, various characters named Earl and Edgar have returned in several other films from Rodriguez and Tarantino. Talking with a heavy Texas accent and delivering profanity laden dialogue, the Earl character often serves as comic relief. He and Edgar are consistently portrayed as Texas Rangers. Edgar is portrayed by James Parks, the real-life son of Michael Parks.

  10. Happy birthday Phat! So glad to see this article, and eagerly awaiting the 'monster' you mentioned! Have you ever heard of Mike Clelleand? Something about the owls not being what they seem....

  11. I also just found this (77th brigade):

  12. Did you see Trumps "Rocket Man" quote in his speech yesterday?!! Also, notice how the paint tub is kind of like a rocket cylinder, and it went off in a tube? Syncy!

    1. Yes, I did catch that yesterday and (like you) it certainly piqued my interest - considering my recent post. All on the back of "Parsons Green" - Nuclear, Rocket Man, Explosive "Satan" Tubes (Cylinders) and Suicide. Jack "Rocket Man" Parsons (who's potentially linked to nuclear Trinity) and "suicide". Parsons' mother committed suicide in the hours after his death (by explosion). Explosive mixes are EXACTLY what Parsons' rocketry research was all about - mixes for solid rocket fuels etc.

      Don't watch "The Dead Zone" (King/Cronenberg) with Martin Sheen (as nuclear Stilson/Trump) - you might not sleep at night! Trump also resonates with Back to the Future 2 and Gremlins 2.

      When they say "Terror on the Tube" - they might as well be talking about TV (aka the tube)!

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. Don't forget in addition to BTTF2 and Gremlins 2 there's also Batman 2, aka "Batman Returns"; an equally obvious resonator for the Trump election/ presidency. It has Christopher "Dead Zone" Walken as a Trump avatar, which works well because the two of them are both from Queens, NY. I know I've brought it before, but I thought I should mention it again because Batman Returns also has plenty of rockets going off in it, thanks to fat man DeVito's character. Plus, it has Walken's character looking to him for "an incidnet like the Gulf of Tonkin or the Reichstag fire..."

      Trump l'oeil, Trump le monde, you know?

  13. New TOMB RAIDER trailer just released on IMDB. 45 seconds in > TRINITY

  14. Hi H.P. ,
    Glad to see you tackle the Terror Tube event.
    Two more things that are interesting:
    -15th September was Prince Harry's 33th birthday.
    -There 's also a witness called Lauren HUBBARD ;)

    1. Harry was 33, Harry S. Truman (the Nuclear president) was the 33rd president. More nuke/rocket syncs. Truman also instigated the KOREAN war too

  15. Jake La Motta - the "Raging Bull" boxer, who died 2 days ago, was in The Hustler movie with Jackie Gleason. You literally could not make this up!!!

    1. WTF? I did see that La Motta played one of the barman in a pool hall scene. I only know of his recent death due to your post! No, I'm not making this up either! :)

  16. Hey HP, the Electric Dream aspect that you brought in, what are the odds that they make a 2017 TV show called Electric DREAMS at the same time that the Trump/DACA, the "dreamers" controversy is blaring 24/7? :-)

    You also have the Flatliners sequel coming out in a few days, which contains the chair, the electricity and the dreams, and stars Diego Luna (Moon/Stardust) and Ellen Page (Inception/Dreams/Juno). Definitely one to watch out for.

  17. You should also check out another news story that is being pushed right now:

    Check out the passport photos on the site, we have Ariane/rockets, 666 birth dates, Iran/Nuclear and MARS.

  18. Great post! It made me think of the GRAY octopus-like aliens in the 2016 movie "Arrival".

  19. Last time we've had MH370 (with all its symbolics) and the last line "...into the sea..." in the heat of the Ukrainian crisis. Then came MH17 (with all its symbolics) and the big break with russia.
    Now we have Luxor (with all its symbolics, see 1997, count the dead tourists and the dead visitors of the festival) and we have Mandalay. In Mandalay we have Kipling and The Wizard of OZ because we have the line:
    Kipling (twice/including the last line): "An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay!"
    Cowardly Lion: "What makes the dawn come up like THUNDER?! Courage."
    So, what dawn comes up like thunder outer China (or North Korea) these days?
    And who looks similiar to the Cowardly Lion?

    1. Hey anon - I just KNEW I heard that "Mandalay" term only just prior to Vegas! I recall Johnson's gaff only a couple of weeks back. It has been bugging me a little, many thanks for reminding me where. Johnson has dual British/US citizenship.

      I have DELIBERATELY not written about Vegas (Vega) - the last time I did was when the "777" plane was on fire there, a year or two back (Luxor in the background). My cup of incredulity (regarding these shooting events) long ran over. All taking place within the shadow/vicinity of the Luxor pyramid and obelisk. It was called "HARVEST" 91 (cough, cough) - and all happening on exactly the SAME day as the "MONARCH" collapse (UK airline, and mind control). UK newspapers showed the 'Vegas shooter' and 'Monarch' collapse on the same front page! We were shown the 'perp' in pictures and it was primarily the shot of him with his "eyes closed" (sleeper theme etc). How come nothing is now being said about the woman that was telling everyone that they were going to die - and some 45 minutes before it began? Orwell memory holed?

      Re: Johnson/Mandalay - he recited it back in January (I just looked it up), but the news item was mentioned only about a week ago, on the cusp of the shooting. Oddly timed (and resonant) news item hitting the public domain, wouldn't you say? Didn't know about the poem's link to Oz and the lion. I'm not familiar with Kipling's poem, but it seems "charged" in respect of Vegas - so thanks.

      These really are the craziest times! Thanks.

    2. Hey Phat, what ever happened to your Shutter Island posts and all that "Cinema of Sodomy" work? Unfortunately, I can't find any backups of the comments, but I'm pretty sure one of those has conversation in the threads with Kipling's name and number coming up, because of the connection between Jack Nicholson and Sterling "Dumbo/ Winnie the Pooh/ the Jungle Book" Holloway. Both Sterling and Jack say "amygdala" thanks to Rudyard, Sterling saying it the funniest.
      For Sterling:

      For Jack: play at round 10:30 into it. There's this, and the "white man's burden" line repetition from the SHiNiNG.

  20. Boris Johnson (another lion resonant politician) was criticized for quoting the Mandalay poem in Myanmar -> one day BEFORE the hotel shooting.

  21. Meow Meow, it's me. After spending a big chunk of my day off yesterday absorbing your new creation's essence, I think it's safe to say I know the thing forwards and backwards, inside and out. Well enough so that if you sprang a pop quiz on me, I'm confident I'd ace it with flying colors, even answering a few of the bonus questions you forgot to ask.
    Like the one about Bowie and his buddy, NIИ. Both of them are part of the Twin Peaks/ Lost Highway shared dream universe, Bowie bookending the Reznor produced soundtrack for LH, and both show up in Twin Peaks in some fashion, like so many other magicians, er, I mean musicians. Same year as Lost Highway, the two both ran around NYC doing the music video for "I'm Afraid of Americans," a track off Bowie's 20'th album, EART HL I NG
    There is another track on that album that is pretty significant, in that it was the first downloadable single ever. Three versions of a song called "Telling Lies" released on Bowie's official website when? You guessed it, no doubt. September 11th
    Just like the first ever TV broadcast or the first motion picture depicting time travel, now we got the first ever downloadable single by a major artist; one of the agency's best.

    My log has a playlist it wants you to examine. It says its design will accentuate the story for you without ruining any of the remaining circle. Like all your achievements, patience is its own reward. Deliver the message.

    1. Growing up, as a Nine Inch Nails fan, I helped spread the rumors that the band name referred to the nails used in the crucifixion of Christ, and the Statue of Liberty's fingernails. I never heard the one about Freddy Krueger's claws, but being able to now search it online, apparently all three of those answers are still popular. I haven't much cared for anything after The Fragile, but the Lost Highway soundtrack he produced for Lynch, much like the one he did for Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers, is such a great a collection of powerful sounds. As fresh as it was 20 years ago.
      It was NIИ's song, the "closer to God" tune, that opens Se7en; a version put together by former invokers of the black sun, Coil. They're dead now.

    2. Howdy Bingers...always good to hear from you. :) I will respond in full, soon. Thanks for stopping by again and watch this space.

    3. You're welcome. I will be enthusiastically stopping back to see what's to follow. The epic monster you've tracked down and traced out is truly alive and growing, very difficult to ignore.

    4. That meowing I was doing was in the style of Patricia Arquette from Lost Highway, but Harry Dean Stanton gives a "meow" in ALIEN, so that's more Cat People resonance for Twin Peaks with him. There's plenty from David Bowie, and there's also Michael "Wally Brando" Cera who starred in Kitty Cat Man.

  22. I remember you said you never saw J.C.'s Starman, so you're probably not familiar with how in Starman the traveler in that is sort of like a proto Mr. Jackpots
    Dougie also reminds me of Peter Seller's "Chauncey Gardener," and then of course the idiot from Dostoevsky's The Idiot.

    1. You hit this one right out of the park, Bingers. This just might be my favourite of your valuable finds...and there's been many. Totally get the Sellers/Chauncey thing too - all very, very similar. I've linked your "youtube" video to Twin Peaks/Reddit (citing you as the source) - I hope you're ok with that - it deserves to be seen? Keep 'em coming Bingers. Re: the recent writing - Just when i think I'm out - they pull me back in! Sometimes I am "forced" to write and this is one of those times.

    2. Well, I for one am very delighted to see you returned and in full force. I don't think the Twin Peaks series event would have meant as much, or been quite as enjoyable, without you and the great thread unraveling you have brought to the table. The ability one can harness here to mentally interpret that old world's language, has definitely helped me impress my Twin Peaks compatriots during viewing parties of the show.
      Yes, absolutely you can link to the video. The reason I posted it was specifically for you and the blog. In fact, the whole reason I started my Skull House Bound blog was to provide you and yours with material. Everything, every picture and video posted on there over the past few years has been put there with the idea that it would be easy access for you and the Synchrosphere. I probably should have mentioned that earlier.
      I should then probably ask if it's OK, I used a couple of your pictures for that 42/ 237 variation post I did a while back.
      Still I insist, little else pleases me so genuinely as being able to join in the casework here. These contributions are the really the least I can do.

    3. To add a little something about the word "idiot," and to quote Fat again: "The origin of the word 'idiot' is the word 'private.' Each of us has become private, and no longer shares the common thought of the Brain, except at a subliminal level. Thus our real life and purpose are conducted below our threshold of consciousness."

      To which I personally am often too reserved to admit.

  23. In front of the Luxor Hotel Pyramid there were 58 visitors to the festival shot to death.

    20 years ago in 1997 (on November 17) 58 tourists have been killed in Luxor Egypt. Very seemingly the victims, especially women, were mutilated with big knifes. With the kind of mutilations and the assassins shouting, singing and probably dancing it looked more like a ritual sacrifice than a killing by assault. Until today authorities of Egypt are not cooperative with the forensic details.

    The place where it took place was the temple of Hatshepsut. Her reign was peacefully and she could be called a “Queen of Hearts”.

    After her death she was followed by Thutmose III who was her rival and centuries later would be called “The Napoleon of Egypt”. For long years Hatshepsut had kept away Thutmose III from kingship.

    Years after her death her sculptures and images have been eliminated.

    Two obelisks of Thutmose III (from Heliopolis) are now found in London and in NYC Central Park. A Luxor Obelisk stands in the center of Place de la Concorde Paris.

    Centuries later there resided a priesthood in the temple dedicated to Montu, a god of war. Here the name Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu appears. In 1858 the Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu was discoverd in the temple. It was brought to the Bulaq Museum and there exhibited with the serial number 666. What then follows is the story about Aleister Crowley having seen the stele and writing his “Book of the Law”.

    1997 was a remarkable year. It was four years away from the WTC bombing and four years ahead of the 9/11 attacks. In 1997 the Great Comet Hale Bopp appeared, member of the cult Heaven’s Gate mutilated and killed themselves, the Phoenix Lights were seen, the aircraft later known as MH17 first flew on 17 July and Lady Di died on 31 August. Then on 17 November the massacre at the temple of Hatshepsut took place.

    In 1997 Diana drew quite a bit of attention with her being engaged against land mines, which cause mutilation and death.

    In Paris above the Alma tunnel where the “Queen of Hearts” Lady Diana died there is a memorial called “Flame of Liberty”. It’s a torch with its base being a black pentagram and it already stood there before the deadly accident.

    The Phoenix is related to fire and to Heliopolis. It is also related to the belief of renewal by destruction. As the name says Heliopolis is dedicated to the “Sun”. Luxor is dedicated to the light as is the so called “Age of Enlightenment” and the “Illuminati”. But this light might be quite different from the light we enjoy day by day.

    There is the concept of a “Black Sun”. The Black Sun appears in alchemy in connection to putrefaction, it appears in Ben Long’s occult giant fresco at the Bank of America and it appears with David Bowie in his Black Star (along with a Black Isis and all other occult features).

    So, we have a mass killing in front of the “Luxor” with 58 dead visitors 20 years after the Luxor massacre in 1997 with 58 dead tourists. What does that mean to us?

    1. What does that mean to us? Same as it always has. "The Empire never ended."

  24. Great info. Your post also reminds me of these. Don't forget Chris Cornell "Black Hole sun". There's also a music video of him faking his death by hanging and escaping. I don't know if it matters, because these numbers are always changing, but isn't the death toll up to 62 now? ..supposedly. It's all a farce.

    Also in regards to Diana, her connection to Dodi Feyed (Egyptian "king") is surely symbolic.

    I woke up early this am thinking about the images of Vegas and trying to connect the dots further. Besides what you mentioned with Luxor/obelisk obviously, is there some symbolic meaning of the shots coming from a Golden Tower? Babylon? Those tales of Aliens needing gold. The schematics of the shooting made me think of the internal shafts of the pyramid and I was curious if you could overlay them onto the luxor pyramid if they would point to the 32nd (33rd if you count lobby) floor or something else cosmic.

    Just spitballing. I think there's more meaning there.

    And if Horsephat is reading. Back to my original post on The Man Who Fell to Earth....reminds me he (Bowie) faked his death in that movie, just like in real life. (If I remember correctly). It was after that I decided to finally watch that movie and see what I could harvest.

  25. about half way thru but figured id mention... may have already been mentioned etc..
    theres a gag in hot tub time machine involving glover and a missing arm.
    penderecki's album with the hiroshima song also features jonny GREENwood from RADIOhead.
    and holy shit that photo of jane jones aka margaret honeycutt looks very much like danny from the shining... just put ur finger over her hairline and the face looks identical. i wouldnt doubt that its him.

    1. The Penderecki album you are talking about is a collection of material by Penderecki and Greenwood, performed by the Aukso orchestra, a group put together by Jonny and Krystof. Some of the music on it was later used by Paul Thomas Anderson for his 2012 film, The Master, a movie partly inspired by the cult of L. Ron Hubbard.

  26. Hey HP,

    Something was bugging me about the shape of the Mandalay Hotel, the 3 pointed star, and how this fits into the pattern thats evolving. Follow this, and place the images side-by-side, starting with a top-down view of the Mandalay:

    Christopher Knowles showed the symbolic connection between the Challenger Shuttle disaster (google image that and you'll see the 3 pointed explosion), and Paddock working for the company that developed the O-Ring. The explosion happened at 73 seconds and killed 7 people, caused by a fault that NASA knew of since '77.

    Then there's the JPL Juno probe, scheduled to end its life on its 7th year and "37th" orbit of Jupiter, Juno being shaped in the 3 pointed star.

    Then of course there is the triple 7 Flux Capacitor from BTTF, which you've covered comprehensively.

    I've been seeing this 3 pointed star image repeatedly, then it struck me - that we've been absolutely conditioned to see this over the past 6 months through the damned FIDGET SPINNER, which came out of nowhere and suddenly was EVERYWHERE, in everyone's mind, in every shopping center, literally everywhere!! Things like that don't happen by accident, and my conjecture is that we've been punked, conditioned to hold that image in the psyche!!!

    And ultimately, the underlying theme here is nuclear, the symbol of which is the TREFOIL, the three pointed Ionizing Radiation symbol.

    Reminds me of the buildup to 9/11.

    Oh, one other aspect of Capricorn One that is worth mentioning, is OJ Simpson getting released at the same time, centered on Vegas, and the fact that Elliot Gould played in the Oceans 11 remake.

    And the Oceans (Apollo) 11 syncs are huge - consider that Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 20"49" (7x7), has been "hiding out" at the Luxor hotel in Vegas for 30 years since the first Blade Runner, and that Frank Sinatra (the original Danny Ocean), has a holographic part in the new Blade Runner movie. Haven't seen the new Blade Runner yet, but I already know it's syncing heavily!

    1. I saw the second Blade Runner last Sunday and what syncs up the heaviest so far is a line of dialogue taken from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson: "You mightn't happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now?"
      It certainly adds to Ridley Scott's connection to the Dead Man's Chest thing. "Dead Man's Chest," when it was turned into a real song, was given the name "Derelict", just like the alien ship in ALIEN; and ALIEN features dead man John Hurt, whose chest is bursted like the dead elephant man was on the derelict; and John Hurt played the Elephant Man in the 1980 film produced by Mel Brooks, who later did Spaceballs where John Hurt gets dead man chestbursted again. John Hurt was also in a movie called Dead Man (1995) with Johnny Depp, the star of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest (2006). Dead Man happens to feature Lance Henriksen, who played the futuristic robot in the second ALIEN movie and Long John Silver in Pirates of Tresure Island (2006); and Michael Wincott, who has played an alien pirate in the futuristic Treasure Planet (2002), a space pirate in ALIEN:Resurrection, and a robot on the modern Westworld TV show.
      I'm guessing the dead man being referred to in the song is Jesus Christ, and the "fifteen men" part referring to Lucifer, by way of the fifteen element; The 15th major trump card is The Devil and the 15th element on the table is Phosphorus, a chemical known to glow green. Phosphorus, of course, is the original name of the Morning Star, which now bears the title of Lucifer, "Venus, the shining one," and the number of Venus, according to my 1977 Simon edition of the Necronomicon, is fifteen.

    2. Hey HP, check this for a perfect confirmation

      Just published by NASA, a fidget spinner in orbit - got to keep thatbifurcation symbol in the psyche ...

    3. damn hlp and god damn bingo. that comments like watching a line of dominoes fall.

      i came upon parsons literal connections with suicide squad (movie and parsons crew) and marvel comics in general, and recall the oto made a bunch of major media pushes, especially in helping develop the comic book industry in its infancy.
      expected to read more about comics and suicide squad in this post, but... it was such a piece of shit movie, with such blatant symbolism it barely merits being called symbolism, im not disappointed you didnt touch it.

      the timing of its release fits the program(ming)

      criticalmass media and news is really mindfucking everyone. i talk to my wife about the ritual, the sorcery, the symbolism, the hierarchy, the vastness of the veil... and she asks what the purpose of it all is.

      welcome answers from any and everyone who read this far on this topic. still developing my own answer myself.

      will keep mulling until your next masterpiece

    4. Hey, N Renzi...great to see you commenting.

      Mass media is such a cornucopia of mind fuckery that it's incredible that we can piece together any sense out of it! If we can call it that.

      Yes...the "sci-fi genre" is perhaps the elite's most potent and fertile programming centre. That's something I've always had in mind since the early 2000s - my exposure to M. A. Hoffman and Downard. The Collins brothers, and Heimbichner too. They've all covered this area over the years to varying extent. It seems apparent that the "sci-fi genre" has been a hotbed for OTO types too, as I've described in posts. Heimbicher said that one of OTO's founding tenets was the shaping of U.S. popular culture. I find U.S. popular culture sickening, I could barely tolerate it as it was. In the last 10 years it has rapidly devolved even further.

      I don't go to the cinema. I haven't seen BR:2049 or other recent films. I can't say I really want to either. I mostly just pick-up things from reading etc. I do watch films, but it's nearly always for research purposes - not for personal enjoyment.

      I hadn't given the Challenger disaster any real thought. I seem to have overlooked the few comments in this string. I have "one" enduring memory of it though, from when I was a teen. It was the "news services" showing the bewildered family members who were watching the launch. Obviously family who were confused, disoriented etc. I found the voyeurism and invasion of this privacy (in this instance), and the exploitation of this type of "semi-aware grieving" to be completely and utterly abhorrent. I can almost cite it as the beginning of that type of phenomenon - MSM grief tourism.

      Yes, what IS the purpose of it all? I've always tended to view it as nefarious, and that is how I generally perceive it. I think the Khazar Jews who are behind virtually all MSM - are quite simply insane.

      Thanks for commenting, best wishes. :)

    5. Hey, Anon.

      Am really sorry I didn't pick-up on these comments you left. I've only just noticed. I will have a look thru the details you've left...give it some thought. You've left some interesting leads - really good stuff and a well thought out comment.

      I haven't seen BR:2049. I haven't seen any of the Ocean's series either - or Pirates of the Caribbean.

      In my recent post I show the 3 pointed "Jansky VLA" - linked to Skynet. Noted in 2010:Contact, Contact, and Terminator Salvation etc. Yeah, I covered the Juno and flux capacitor similarities. The Mandalay is a very distinct shape as you say, likewise with the spinner. It's interesting that the MSM have tried to link those spinners to being 'satanic' - interesting that it's been promoted at all.

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

  27. "When the signs increase and follow an unpredictable pattern, it usually announces the surfacing of a previously hidden evil presence."
    (from: Gabriele Amorth, An Exorcist Tells His Story)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good thing the signs and wonders are following a fairly predictable pattern. I'd be considerably more concerned were it not for the consistency.
      I'm reminded of another quote: "If the universe were taken to be rational, not irrational, then something breaking into it might seem irrational, since it would not belong."

  28. Since yesterday I've watched about half a dozen episodes of the Friday the 13th series, or "Friday's Curse" as it's called elsewhere. It was made in Toronto, so every now and again you see a Cronenberg regular. David even directs one, about a James Randi type
    I recognize a lot of the old Canadian talent in this show, like the native fellow who played "Nobody" in Dead Man, Gary Farmer; who once appeared on the Chris Isaak show, and was also in a Public Television Sci-fi with Raul Julia called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1983). I bring this one up because the villain, known as "The Fat Man," had a little role in Blue Velvet.

  29. Don't forget Nicolas Cage's line in The Rock about 'the rocket man' -

    And the license plate ND 4777? When you pronounce the letters ND, it sounds just like 'INDY'. I wonder if part of the sync for Indy includes the state of Indiana, the one with former-governor/now American VP Mike Pence?

  30. I just happened across your blog today, I've been blind to spiritual symbolism till I kind of woke up last year age 47 while I was in a flat 42 floor 7. I'd previously been in the twin tower flat 64 floor 11, range court Macclesfield. My original name was Sean Bond (444 gematria) but at the age of 40 I decided to transition to a woman Sarah Ann Bond (666). I'm kind of in half transition now on oestrogen without the anti-androgens, living in a bungalow to the west of Macc, a number 17, I moved into 16/1/17. My world has been very odd since, I noticed if you view Macclesfield from above by satellite it looks like The Spirit of Ecstasy. D.O.B 29/3/69 I'll be 49 next year 7x7...

  31. I noticed that 47 is the atomic number of Silver and 49 is Indium, getting this Indium Jones vibe going and Alice in Wonderland due to being in Cheshire. I'm unemployed now but when I lived in Petersfield I worked on FloMo a software retiming solution for the first Matrix Movie. I went to Kings/ton Univerity and now I live on Some/R/ton Road, my synch is off the charts :)

  32. Happy holidays, H.P! Lovecraft has a pretty good story called "The RATS in the Walls" I thought I'd share with you, because in it there's importance placed on the date of July 16; also, the name of the narator's cat is kind of funny.

  33. Deserved praise is worth repeating: the recent stuff is spot on, buddy. You covered a lot of the heavy hitters in good order, and harmonized with the research I've done, especially into that one subject I often find to be the most fascinating. Redheads. Did you know the creature's bride in Bride of Frankenstein was a redhead? Elsa Lanchester, who also played Mary Shelley in the film, was a real red. Just like Cassandra 'Elvira' Peterson, who shares the same b-day as you.
    Then there's the fake reds like Lucille Ball, Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, or Jessica Rabbit. I figured Jessica should be mentioned for the fact Who Framed Roger Rabbit takes place in 1947.

    1. Then there's the redheads of the Coen bros, with their use of Holly Hunter as a barren aspiring mother in Raising ARIzona, and Judy Davis in the SHiNiNG inspired Barton Fink, which has the Eraserhead hairdo and takes place in 1941. They've also put to work Julianne Moore, Kelly Macdonald, and a couple times Tilda Swinton, especially with her as identical twins in Hail, Caesar!
      Speaking of the year 1941, I think I forgot to add that Walter 'Jacques "Fat Man" Renault' Olkewicz appears in the Spielberg film 1941. I somehow feel like that was mentioned already.

    2. Hey, Bingers. :)

      Really sorry, I've not been on this thread in the last couple of weeks. I've been making additions to my "Hollywood: Cinema of Sodomy" post. I've done this in light of the Spacey/Weinstein fall-out, and the recent Hollywood meltdown.

      Give it another look-over. The story about Burt Lancaster is just insane. The post is just too big now though - I may have to split it up etc.

      Good to see you around. :)

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  36. ...very interesting, Thank You.
    ..if not already mentioned, together with Parsons,Crowley,Hubbard - The Lidl shopping bag around the bucket...look to, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, being one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

    Be well.

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